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  • surewould

    Anyone know the artist? The style reminds me a lot of Aryz.

  • Eric

    I think in the 5+ years I’ve lived near this building, I’ve seen people go into it once. I do regularly see huge rats scurry in and out though.

  • Petworther

    Would be better if they did something with the building.

  • BCA

    @surewood — Acidum Project, from Brazil

    via Urban Walls Brazil

    @Eric — Building currently serves as a warehouse for vending machines. Slated to go away within a couple of years

    • BCA

      Oops, neglected to mention: That the mural happened at all is credit to Thomas Pipkin (Petworth Jazz Project).

    • JS

      What’s slated to go away? The use as a warehouse or the building itself? The current building looks like it’d be a great space for a combo brewpub/restaurant

      • BCA

        The building will disappear and be redeveloped. Alas.

        • JS

          Ah, that’s too bad. I get that residential means more $$$ but it seems like a missed opportunity.

          • er

            Yeah, the bones actually look quite nice.


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