“Capital Bikeshare Announces a Significant Expansion of Weekday Morning Bike Corrals”

by Prince Of Petworth July 8, 2016 at 4:15 pm 7 Comments

bike share parking
Photo by PoPville flickr user Mr.TinDC

From a press release:

“Motivate, the operators of the Washington, DC region’s popular Capital Bikeshare program, announced today it will be significantly expanding its weekday morning bike corral service in downtown Washington, DC in an effort to meet the increasing demand for places to park or “dock” during peak usage hours. The three current Capital Bikeshare corrals are located at 21st and I Street NW, 17th and K Street NW/Farragut Square, and 13th and New York Ave NW. The three new Capital Bikeshare corrals will be located at 20th and Virginia Ave NW, 5th and F Street NW and Maryland and Independence Ave SW. All corrals will be open on weekday mornings (federal holidays excluded) from 8am to 12pm until late Fall.

According to Eric Gilliland, the General Manager of Capital Bikeshare, the expansion of corrals will provide much needed station capacity at a crucial time of day. “This time of year is always busy, and the growing popularity of Capital Bikeshare is placing ever greater demands on our operations,” Gilliland said. “At the same time, Metro’s Safe Track program seems to be contributing to even higher ridership than usual as people turn to Capital Bikeshare as an alternative transit mode.”

Based on Capital Bikeshare ridership numbers, weekday ridership has increased by an average of 1,700 trips per day from the month prior to the start of Safe Track. There were also over 50,000 more trips made in June of 2016 than the same month last year. The three current bike share corrals are also parking an average over 260 bikes per day, greatly improving the ability of downtown stations to absorb more riders than the number of stations would typically allow. “By expanding the number of corrals downtown, we really are increasing the size of the system without adding more stations. In doing so our goal is to provide better service to our members and make Capital Bikeshare an even more attractive transportation choice,” Gilliland said.”

  • bruno

    A definition of how a corral differs from a docking station would be helpful. Not sure I totally get it.

  • ontarioroader

    A corral is just a docking station with Bikeshare staff there to accept an unlimited number of bikes., so it never gets full and no one gets dockblocked.

    • bruno

      Okay, thanks! Did not know they existed. Good to know.

  • Randy

    This is great news. I bike from Arlington to the Department of Labor (at judiciary square) and have had issues in the morning knowing which station to dock at. There are 3-4 within a reasonable distance, but I never know which one will have bikes at it (even with the app, which is difficult to check while riding and and can be at least a few minutes behind anyway).

    • JohnH

      I’ve never really found the app to be “behind”….I’ve checked before when I’ve returned bikes and it’s pretty real time.
      However, depending on what time you’re arriving you can see big changes in short amount of times. I’m about a 3-4 minute walk to my station and I’ve seen numbers change by 4-5 bikes in just my walk, especially later in the rush hour.
      Pull over and take 30 seconds to check when you’re getting close….it’s a heck of a lot easier than having to guess.

  • Adam

    If only there were bike corrals in the morning to pick up from…

  • lizcolleena

    The problem is that there are never enough bikes in Columbia Heights!


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