Down Goes Hilltop’s Facebook Page, They Will Not Win This Race

by Prince Of Petworth June 1, 2016 at 10:25 am 6 Comments

2737 Sherman Avenue, NW at Girard

“Dear PoPville,

Columbia Heights/Park View residents have been eagerly tracking the opening of The Hilltop forever and recently heard that they would be opening “June 1 at the absolute latest”.

So maybe it’s a good thing that their Facebook page is down–like part of a rebranding for when they open.

Secondly, do any readers know if business owners get a certain number of months free of rent when setting up a new restaurant? Six months? One year? Four years?”

The race to open among Hilltop, Slim’s, Swampoodle and Homestead continues…

  • anon

    Swampoodle has umbrellas and porch seating up, and really looks to be days from opening.

    As for the readers question about “free rent,” I imagine this is something that this is negotiated on a case-by-case basis between the tenant and the owner.

  • Anon

    Swampoodle has outdoor seating and umbrellas out! Hoping for it to open up during the summer.

  • zeeeeee

    Rent abatement is pretty common for restaurant leases. I’ve heard of anything from 0 months to 24 months, but 6 months is probably more typical. It’s part of the lease negotiation so it really depends on the landlord, and how desperate they are to get someone in there.

  • Georgia Ave

    Whatever happened to Tipsy Peacock, the wine bar allegedly coming to Georgia Ave?

    • Barijho

      womp womp

  • petworther

    Just commented on the Homestead thread, but what’s the problem in this area? Homestead? Alfies? Reliable Tavern?
    Not to mention the vacant properties in Park Place, Fareneheit, and the many more dilapidated vacants. There’s clearly plenty of demand, anywhere that opens will do well. So why the wait?


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