Update: It’s Raining. Rain’s Coming

by Prince Of Petworth July 18, 2016 at 4:14 pm 10 Comments


From Alert DC:

“NWS reports a Severe Thunderstorm Watch is in effect for the entire Washington Metropolitian Area, until 8 PM.”


“NWS has issued a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for the District, effective from now until 5:30 PM. Storms will be moving through the District shortly. Wind gusts of 60 MPH are possible. Please head indoors if possible. Take precautions if you must drive.”



  • It’s just me

    Ugh. My no parking signs are going to be ruined. I’m actually not sure what to do about that to make sure that folks have fair warning. I emailed my block’s listserv and posted on the email list, but I need to have the signs as well. Anyone have any ideas?

    • textdoc

      It’s been several years since I moved, but my recollection was that mine were printed on some kind of glossy/coated paper. Were yours on regular paper?
      I think you can have the signs reprinted, either at the DCRA facility near Waterfront Metro or at a local police station. Folks on RRRR were suggesting using clear sheet covers* (like the kind you might see in an office report in a binder) or clear packing tape in lieu of laminating.
      * My recollection is that the no-parking signs were more like 11″ x 14″ — not letter-size or legal-size. So sheet covers might not be an option anyway.

      • Thanks – they are on regular paper that is larger and a bit thicker. I was planning to find something plastic to put over them, but it started raining before I could get home. I think I’ll go by one of the police stations and see if I can re-print them, then see if I can cover them in plastic in case it rains tomorrow.

        • e

          Covering them with clear packing tape works well, I’ve found.

    • It’s Just Me

      Well, one sign made it. I went to 5D and the printer wasn’t working, so I went to 3D and printed enough so that if it rains every day I can replace the signs. Side note: I’m surprised that they let you do that, I mean I now have 12 signs I could just plaster up and down the street.

      • JoDa

        Your signs have a code that is tied to your request, and would tell a parking enforcement officer how many spaces you reserved. Sure, you might get away with it, but there is a system tracking it.

  • Ben

    “Upate: confirmed”

    Lol – slow day Dan?

    • Stay tuned, reports on the field say it has stopped raining in some parts and/or downgraded to a drizzle. Update coming soon!

      • Ben


  • NH Ave Hiker

    That wind was nasty, all the NPS signs blocking traffic were down along Rock Creek Parkway.


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