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Mockingbird Hill closing for the Summer – Will Reopen as a cocktail bar (but you can still got lots of sherry and ham)

by Prince Of Petworth June 22, 2016 at 11:20 am 8 Comments

1843 7th Street, NW

From a press release:

Mockingbird Hill (1843 7th Street NW), the James Beard Award-nominated sherry and ham bar led by premier spirits expert Derek Brown, will close for the duration of the summer, beginning Sunday, June 26, to undergo remodeling.

Design and architecture firm Edit Lab at Streetsense, which recently rebuilt Brown’s Columbia Room to much acclaim, will re-envision Mockingbird Hill as a cocktail bar, continuing to offer sherry by the glass and hand-carved ham, but with a major expansion of its cocktail program.

“Sherry has always been our focus but we’ve seen the way our guests use the bar, and increasingly they want craft cocktails,” Brown says of the upcoming closure and remodel. “In fact, that’s always been part of how Americans drink sherry and a huge part of sherry’s past. So, we’re more than happy to oblige.”

Brown will bartend at Mockingbird Hill on Friday, June 24 and Saturday, June 25, and guests will enjoy a special featured menu throughout the bar’s last week of operation before the start of the remodel. (Brown is available for interviews by request.)

Mockingbird Hill, located in the heart of D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood, boasts one of the country’s top beverage programs, having just earned its first nomination from the James Beard Foundation Awards this spring. Last December, Mockingbird Hill launched a viral six-week holiday pop-up bar, “Miracle on 7th Street,” that featured more than a dozen original themed cocktails.”

  • Anon

    Please tell us how you -really- feel about small plates.

  • Truxton Thomas

    Pretty sure it’s common in Spain, which was its inspiration. I’ve only been for breakfast, which was very good.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    fairly common in Spain, and the food kicked ass. Looks like Derek was using this as his experiment space, since “Miracle on 7th St.” was such a hit.

  • KellyKapowski

    This sounds good to me; I wish he would experiment a bit more with Southern Efficiency. Of his three spots right there (Mockingbird Hill, Eat the Rich, and Southern Efficiency), SE seems like the least put together concept in my mind. I can never really understand why there are crowds in there, unless they couldn’t get a seat at one of the others.

  • Howard Alumni

    I’ve got a really new and cool concept for this guy, since he seems to like concepts and such so much.

    How about a working-class bar where you can get a beer and a cup of whiskey for under 12 bucks? I dunno, seems like the neighborhood really is lacking those. Those seem to be quickly fading away, yet places that sell frozen Hemingway daiquiris, Mulberry infused whiskey sours, and charcuterie keep popping up.

    I like a good cheese plate like the next person, but how many places do you really need doing it – especially with the same purveyor.

    • Anon

      Check out Coney and Ivy a block or two south of this place. It sounds like exactly what you’re looking for.

      • KellyKapowski

        Or Showtime, Dodge City, Darnell’s, Duffy’s, Solly’s….

    • I don’t know about a “cup” of whiskey, but The Passenger (another Brown Bros bar) always had a “beer and a shot” as a staple, and I’m sure when they reopen in Shaw it will as well. IIRC it was ~ $10 at the former location, maybe less.


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