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801 Restaurant & Bar coming to the former Dunya space in Shaw this July

by Prince Of Petworth June 22, 2016 at 10:22 pm 20 Comments

801 Florida Ave, NW

801’s website says:

“Set to open this July, 801 Restaurant & Bar will serve dinner 7 days a week and brunch on weekends. We are looking forward to offering our guests a delicious food and beverage menu in a chic and welcoming environment in the Shaw neighborhood. 801 will feature a dining room spanning over 2 floors, with 3 bars and a rooftop deck.”


This is from the folks at the DC Restaurant Group who also now own Shaw’s Tavern (and others, Front Page etc.) Stay tuned for an exact opening date.

Ed. Note: Dunya abruptly closed back in June:


  • Will the food be as mediocre, slowly delivered and with little portions as Shaw’s Tavern? If so, please let us know in advance so I don’t have to spend an evening and $120 bucks finding out. Muchas gracias.

    • anonymous

      I must say I had a burger at Shaw’s Tavern not to long ago it was delicious.

    • Anon

      Shaw Tavern is horrible, but I don’t recall having any issues with portion size. Granted I haven’t eaten there in a few years since the well-portioned food left a lot to be desired, but I’m surprised to hear that rant.

    • 7thStTechGuy

      Yup, can confirm, the food is awful at Shaws Tavern and you magically coming out spending a ton of money. PASS!

  • plowdodger

    Cue jokes about overpriced small plates and craft cocktail “programs”…

  • Smittty

    If it is small plates I’m gonna riot, lol. At least Shaw’s is normal portions, imho. That building has a lot of potential and Dunya was awful.

    Has anyone been to Hazel, across the street from Atlantic Plumbing Landmark Theater? I walked by it last night and it looked nice, with a nice outdoor space. They don’t have a website or a menu displayed outside so I’m curious about it.

  • kwame

    Was out as soon as i read DC Restaurant Group. i don’t think you’ll find a worse group of establishments.

    • divebar311

      I think the hundreds of positive reviews and restaurant awards Iron Gate has received prove otherwise. Have you been to the Sovereign? If all of their establishments were terrible I think it would be out of business? But haters gonna hate.

      The flipside is the brunch at Birch and Barley was very disappointing. Have not been back, that was last summer.

      • fka Shawess

        I think you’re confusing DC Restaurant Group and Neighborhood Restaurant Group.

        • divebar311

          Oh snap, my bad! Just googled DC Restaurant Group, thanks for the clarification. LAWD AH MERCY. But then again have you seen the clientele who line up at Brixton Friday and Saturday nights? Given the type of places DCRG manages and the people who are frequenting Shaw and U Street these days I think this place will do fine.

          • Bob

            The Brixton is not part of DC Restaurant Group. Keep trying….

  • V

    Sooooo, no good food?

  • ST21

    New paint job alone already makes this place a huge upgrade over Dunya.

  • n3

    Putting an address number in the title of the restaurant is a good way to warn people not to go because it will be crappy.

  • CH

    I’m excited for this! It has an awesome roof that Dunya never really figured it out so I’m hoping this works

  • pstreet202

    I don’t care if it was the hood, I miss the old Shaw. Nothing personal against this place, but why must every new business be so bougie..


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