The Race to Open among Swampoodle, Hilltop and Slim’s Diner appears to be nearing a conclusion!

by Prince Of Petworth May 2, 2016 at 4:00 pm 22 Comments

5501 14th St, NW

Thanks to all who’ve emailed updates about Swampoodle:

“Umbrellas outside, bar tools on the bar, salt and pepper shakers on the tables. Has to be soon right?”


“Plates and salt and pepper spotted at Swampoodle.”


  • Ted

    Lots of disappointment in Petworth dining scene. Walked by Slim’s yesterday, looking in the window you can see they are still installing the kitchen and have not finished renovating the dining area. Homestead was trying to open in December but is still in process. The pizza shop and Alfie’s are making some progress, but are far from opening their doors. What is causing all these delays? Is it the typical DC bureaucratic nonsense that is holding them up, or does no one really know how to properly manage a project?

    • Jeff

      It’s the DC bureaucracy. They’re already slowing down Midlands on Georgia from what the owner told me a few weeks ago. This will not change until we can start electing more pro business politicians.

      • Barijho

        not the Midlands !! POR QUE?????????

        • Jeff

          Yes, the Midlands is tied up in DC government red tape. One of the owners told me they have their liquor license sorted out. However, until DC okays them to work on the building, they cant even start painting the inside of the building. From what he told me, they’ve been sitting on the approval for months now.

          Call your city councilmen. They need all of the help they can get.

          • Barijho

            Major bummer, i hope they get the approvals soon. Until then, i shall keep visiting KBC.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe it really is the “bureaucracy” – whatever that is. Or maybe that’s just a convenient excuse that can always be offered and will typically be believed. Lots of restaurants in DC have managed to open at or near the date on which they were projected to open, notwithstanding the “bureaucracy.” I’m not blaming the owners of these places that haven’t opened yet. Sometimes things happen.

        • Anonymouse

          Totally. I get the buzzwords of government “red tape” but come on. Other restaurants mVigate it just fine. Has anymore ever considered it’s the owners? Maybe before announcing an opening, get a realistic timeline. Strikes at being naive to me… Or hire consultants to help you if you don’t know what you are doing.

          • To the peanut gallery

            Guessing you never tried opening a business in the district. Red tape is no joke.

          • lizcolleena

            I feel cynical thinking it, but when I looked at those salt and pepper shakers, I was like why are they half full? Having opened several restaurants in the past, I immediately jumped to the conclusion that the management had not ordered enough salt and pepper to properly fill the shakers. That may not be what happened, but it’s odd that they’re on the table already…

    • d

      I heard from a server that Alfie’s is likely going to remain at its current location permanently instead of moving up to Petworth. Anyone else hear that?

      • Anonymous

        It should, it does kick @$$ business at that location

      • Petworth

        Yeah, he mentioned a couple months ago that Alfie’s was doing so well where it was that they were looking at other options for the Upshur space last time I saw him.

  • Hilltop Neighbor

    According to their facebook page, Hilltop has been trying to get it together since 2013. Not much of a race. More like they showed up at the Indy 500 in a Covered Wagon with horses and started “racing” for months, then in the last half hour a real car with a real engine shows up and beats them to the finish line.

    • That might be the worst analogy I’ve ever read. Anyway here’s to hoping it’s a photo finish real soon…

  • 14th and KDY

    Anyone have any actual intel on Swampoodle? Their Facebook page has gone dark since December, ever since some moron wrote something nasty on it, ranting about the delay and blaming the owner, of all people. I hope the owner knows the community still supports him and is eager for any news.

    • The salt shakers are 100% verified on the table. That is a a fact!

      • palisades

        Sounds like a skit on Seinfeld. “Jerry, the salt shakers were ON THE TABLE!” “But George, were the pepper shakers on there too?! You can’t have the salt without the pepper!”

  • neighborlyneighbor

    This is great news, and very surprising. I thought for sure they were going to tank. I can’t wait!

  • textdoc

    Any word on progress at Reliable Tavern?

    • Anonymous

      Waiting on permits

  • Jeff Lang

    Permits. My friend who has been a permit expiditer for 20 years says this is the worst he has seen DCRA. Permits and inspections are taking 2-3 times longer than expected these days.

  • Georgia Ave

    Whatever happened to Tipsy Peacock, the wine bar allegedly coming to Georgia Ave?


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