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Swampoodle Woes Continue

by Prince Of Petworth April 1, 2016 at 2:15 pm 15 Comments

5501 14th St, NW

A reader reports:

“This showed up on the window at Swampoodle yesterday. Is this a joke? Seems like city departments and council staff are clearly not speaking to each other. This is so frustrating, especially because the owner said he is very close to opening.”

  • KenyonDweller

    WTF. At some point, you would think that DCRA would recognize that it is considered a joke and try just a little bit harder.

  • Aninymoys

    DCRA contracts out much of their services. Not surprising, their quality of service has went way down. They getting unknowingly fleeced by some of these guys. Nothing in DC surprises me any more though. Most poorly managed city I’ve lived in… No matter who the mayor/council is.

  • Adrian

    I think it’s a requirement to have that posted on a property while it’s under construction

  • Koko

    That’s really unfortunate considering I live very close to there and keep reporting an actual vacant house and the owners keep getting around it. We are all anxiously awaiting the opening of Swampoodle! What does the neighborhood need to do to help out?

  • Anonymous

    Same guy, Evans, slapped a sticker on my neighbor’s house yesterday, even though they are in the process of renting it (new tenants move in this month). Not sure how they determine how a property is vacant, especially without contacting the owners.

    • HaileUnlikely

      I’m guessing that Evans guy just walks around with a stack of those, knocks on doors in the middle of the day, and if nobody answers, declares it vacant.

  • Unbelievable!

    Unbelievable! Does nobody at DCRA talk to one another? Shut DCRA down. The city would be a lot better off without it. Who knows? Maybe a person could even open a restaurant in a timely manner.

  • Dan

    Is this sign attached to the property at the corner of Colorado Avenue, NW and 14th Street, NW? It’s hard to see what building the sign is attached to. DCRA is under the leadership of Belinda Bolling. Mayor Bowser seems to be out to lunch as far as holding her agency directors accountable.

    • Dan

      Correction. DCRA’s Director is Melinda M. Bolling.

    • Neighbor

      Hey Dan- it’s the green building at the corner that is slated to become Swampoodle restaurant… Hopefully!

  • Neighbor

    And yet the building across the street that was the injera bakery and is complete vacant with no obvious signs of construction (i.e. Various permits posted) did not get one of these signs… ?

  • Dolly Turner

    This was placed in error and has been removed!

  • Kennedy Neighbor

    I looked for the sign on my walk home but didn’t see it. Maybe it was removed? Swampoodle does have a bunch of patio chairs stacked outside, so I’m looking forward to the outdoor seating! The storefronts across the way are all rented and in the process of being renovated. One will be the kitchen for a carrot cake food truck already in operation, and they’ll also have cooking classes. I think the other is slated to be a beauty salon.

  • Matthew
    • dunning-kruger

      This. I’m fairly certain active permits only keep you off the vacant list for two years; and if memory serves its just calendar years so if you vacate in Dec 2014 you’d need an exemption in Jan 2016.


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