909 Half Street SE, Opening in December

by Prince Of Petworth May 12, 2016 at 3:00 pm 17 Comments

This is the same architect who did 2030 8th St, NW across the street from 9:30 Club.

Ed. Note: Rendering was removed by request as it was released prematurely.

Thanks to a reader for passing on the rendering from Morris Adjmi Architects:

“We create architecture and environments composed of contemporary forms that are inspired by context and history.

Morris Adjmi Architects is a New York City-based architecture firm whose work is built on sound architectural traditions that incorporate innovations in design, materials, and technology. Morris Adjmi established MA in 1997 following a fruitful ten-year partnership with the renowned Italian architect Aldo Rossi. The firm draws from this rich history and looks to the future, creating work that is both contemporary and timeless.”

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Not bad. Pretty adventurous by DC standards. Could’ve been a lot worse.

  • Emmaleigh504

    thumbs up

  • Brett M

    Not bad, but jeez, can this architect design anything other than rearranged boxes?

    • Los

      Lift the height restriction limit and they will. Otherwise, builders have no choice but to build these boxes in order to maximize usable space

      • Leeran

        “But then we won’t be able to see the sky!” — people who don’t realize the suburbs exist

        • textdoc

          False binary.

      • Anonymous

        The height limit is an issue downtown, yes, but statutory zoning regulations on height, lot occupancy, and FAR are the real culprit outside of downtown. This matter of right project is limited to 90 feet and a combined residental/other uses FAR of 6.5 and 100% lot occupancy. So this particular’s building maximum height has nothing to do with the Height Act.

        • spookiness

          It does in the sense that it pushes development demand density outside the CBD.

      • AERzondzinska

        Look at building built before you were born and you’ll see that there are lots of solutions besides rearranged boxes.

      • Philippe Lecheval

        Not everybody wants to turn DC into midtown Manhattan. There is absolutely nothing charming about those grimy, sunless concrete canyons.

    • Hill Denizen

      That’s not true at all. You can build shorter buildings and still have an interesting/different facade.

  • AERzondzinska

    I like this building a lot, although it’s hard to see how it’s “inspired by context and history.” Perhaps that’s because the context is not included in the image.

  • Michael Watts

    Ugh! All of this new construction looks soulless and the same, just like the people that choose to live there.

    • Watts Michael


  • navyard

    I thought this was really beautiful, but the more I look at it, the narrowly spaced, vertical panels start to resemble window-bars from some angles. I’m sure it won’t look like a jail IRL though.
    I like the different planes.

  • Reality

    I like it

  • jes

    You can sort of start to see it taking shape: https://twitter.com/jakesauser/status/731201644499730432


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