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From the Forum – Does anyone have any idea who he is?

by Prince Of Petworth May 18, 2016 at 2:00 pm 20 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Erin

“Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get some canvas art of DC that’s not horribly expensive. I’m moving to Paris in September for work and want to take some art that will remind me of home. I was at the Columbia Heights farmers market last weekend and there was a guy selling paintings of the Capitol and various other DC landscapes, but I didn’t see his name and he’s not there this weekend. Does anyone have any idea who he is?”

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  • jaybird

    Eastern Market should do it.

    • MtP

      I was going to suggest this too. I don’t know his name, but I am pretty sure I know who you are referring to (I bought something from him at the holiday market last year). He used to be at Eastern Market most weekends.

      • PieWithSparkles

        You might be talking about my friend Joel (http://joeltraylor.com/)… I heard that he’s going to be at Eastern Market this Sunday if the weather holds up!

        • Alas, the weather isn’t cooperative and I won’t be at Eastern Market tomorrow. I’ll be happy schedule a studio visit almost anytime. Call or text me at 202-413-5469


  • branddave

    cue all the artists promoting thier work!

    Branddave.com ! !

    • victoria

      I love Branddave!

  • 9thStreetNW

    I am not an artist, but maybe victorydancecreative.com/dc-neighborhood-project is what you are looking for?

  • Linc Park SE

    There’s a local artist who has some really cool paintings of DC for sale here http://www.art-drenaline.com

    And just FYI – cool shops, local art in the same building just over the 11th St Bridge in Anacostia.

  • dancan

    so much DC art at Eastern Market! That would definitely be my choice.

  • We have a show up of the resident artist at Otis Street Arts Project:

    There are some quite inexpensive pieces.
    Come out and visit!
    3706 Otis Street
    Mount Rainier, MD
    ( 2 blocks based the DC line, just off of Rhode Island Avenue )

    Saturdays Noon-5:00 or by appointment.

  • navyard

    I’m a huge fan of danaellyn.com

    Her Heritage Trails series was a fantastic series. You may find something you like here.

  • majka

    You can check out Torpedo Factory out in Alexandria, though it might be on the more expensive side

  • Hill Denizen

    I just made my own. I made stencils of the Capitol and the Washington Monument. Painted two canvases gold. Once the gold was dry, I placed the stencils down, and spray-painted the canvases a light turquoise type color. The gold comes through the blue a little, though if you wanted it crisper/sleeker you could layer it so it’s completely opaque except for the gold silhouette of each landmark. I’m always asked where I got them, and the total spent was probably less than $20.

  • The Other Jason

    There’s a street art festival starting on Saturday (google/FB/IG Pow Wow DC). There will be a number of local artists participating. Maybe you can check out their work and transition to getting some work from them. Here’s the list of all the artists (with hometown in parentheses)….Caratoes (Hong Kong)
    Cory Oberndorfer (DC)
    Decoy (DC)
    Drew Merritt (CA)
    HKS181 (DC)
    INSA (London)
    Jacob Eveland (VA)
    Jeff Gress (Hawaii)
    Kelly Towles (DC)
    Matt Corrado (DC)
    No Kings Collective (DC)
    Persue (NYC)
    Sheryo (Singapore)
    VERO (Puerto Rico)
    Wooden Wave (Hawaii)
    The Yok (Australia)

  • Erin OP

    Thank you all so much for the comments/suggestions! I’ll start researching all of these and see what I can find! Also really like the DIY idea from Hill Denizen!

  • ESM

    If you’re looking for affordable watercolor prints of DC, please check out Tom Bucci: http://thomasbucci.com/. He’s great. He’s normally at Eastern Market but I think that you can also order off his website.

  • Moe UPT

    Dont listen to these out of town bamas. The main artist with the best paintings comes every wednsday and thursday in gallery (Chinatown) right in front of the bed bath and beyond ( 10 yards from chipotle). His art was praised by stevie wonder because he uses texture so the blind can feel the images. He is a DC native and his art form is original to this city. Eastern market artists are all DC transplants who make impostor art.


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