• Philippe Lecheval

    Stop. Just stop. This “protest” is not amusing, effective, clever or terribly creative. It just looks amateurish and childish. You bought a crappy LCD projector and figured out how to do some basic animation. Good for you!

    • Anonymous

      Ok grandpa.

      • Philippe Lecheval

        Millennials. *SMH*

    • dc_anon

      hey now, its the time of the millennial. Everyone deserves to be heard no matter how asinine their thoughts. How dare you stop these delicate flowers.

  • stacksp

    Protest Whole foods for what?

    • jaybird

      Scandalous pricing. And poop.

      • stacksp

        Whole Foods seems to fit into the whole million dollar home neighborhood that Shaw has become. One can only assume that those dropping upwards a million bucks on an attached row home probably desire an upscale grocery.

        • bruno

          They don’t drop a million bucks. They get a mortgage for 700K and pay interest for thirty years, and think they own it ;^0 Never understood the appeal.

          • jaybird

            Sometimes buying is a bad idea and sometimes its a great idea. There are a lot of reasons to buy and also to rent. I’m not sure if you find this appealing but we bought a house in 2000 and currently have an assessed value 900k more than our original purchase price and that is low according to recent comps. If we were to sell today I’m pretty sure we could pocket 1.3 million.

    • Tsar of Truxton

      Their tanking stock?

      • Tsar of Truxton

        *Its tanking stock (for the grammar snobs)

    • GBinCH

      Given they’re projecting an image of Bowser against the wall, I’m guessing it’s a protest aimed at the massive subsidy the city gave the developer, not necessarily at WF.

    • dcrob

      asparagus water

  • Anonymous

    No idea who’s doing this or what they’re protesting, exactly, but I think this is harmless and hilarious. If I had to guess, perhaps they are protesting the fact that Bowser essentially gave away this land to her cronies in exchange for some subsidized housing. (That’s Bowser in the frame, right?)

  • Sean

    Where is this being projected from? The Howard Towers or one of the row houses across Florida Ave?

  • Fla20001

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