Shooting at 16th and Isherwood St, NE Monday Night

by Prince Of Petworth May 24, 2016 at 9:45 am 13 Comments


A lot of inquiries this morning about a shooting/shots fired in Rosedale last night:

“any idea what happened 11:30pm around 16th and Isherwood NE? Heard multiple gunshots, rapid response from MPD + helicopter.”

From Alert DC: “Shooting at 2300 hrs in the1600 b/o Isherwood St., NE. No lookout at this time”

MPD reports:

Adult male victim sustained gunshot wound. He is conscious & breathing. Have info contact 727-9099

Update from MPD:

“At approximately 2331 hours on May 23, 2016, MPD officers responded to the 400 block of 16th St NE regarding the sounds of gunshots. The officers discovered the adult male victim lying on the ground, conscious and breathing, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. The victim was transported to the hospital by ambulance, where he was admitted. There was no usable lookout for the suspect. There is no further information available for dissemination at this time. The investigation is ongoing.

Any persons with information regarding this crime may contact the Fifth District Detectives’ Office at 202-698-0260, or the MPD Command Information Center at 202-727-9099. Reference CCN# 16-082-731.”

  • kspice

    Thanks for the info. I live in this block and have heard gunfire three times in the last ten days (and I was out of town for four of those days, so the actual gunshot tally might be higher). Things are getting out of control here – wish the MPD would return to keeping patrol cars parked along 16th; that seemed to help.

    • MMLS

      Was going to post nearly the same thing. I’m a bit further away – on 15th near E – but have woken up to gunfire more times in the past month than I can even count. Hopefully MPD will bring back the patrol cars.

  • stacksp

    High Drug trafficking area between the Pentacle, Rosedale and the E St Bangerz crew that run that side of Benning road. 18th and D is another crew on that side Benning

  • DC

    This is unfortunate. I’m very upset the victim wasn’t killed. At this point, I feel as though a murder or two have to actually happen for MPD to get off their asses and start patrolling this neighborhood. I’ve heard gunshots here pretty much every other day since April. Random gunfire is bound to hit and kill a random passerby, I just hope and pray that the gunfire starts hitting their intended targets so we can get some attention to this problem.

    • anon

      You’re not seriously praying for shooting victims to succumb to their injuries, are you?

      • DC

        My hyperbolic statement aside, at this point what does it take for ANYONE to take any action on this? Last summer was absurd with the violence and mayhem, I don’t want another.

        • jaanku

          I live in this area too. What can we do to get answers? I’ve already phoned MPD today about last night’s events and asked for a call back. Let’s see if that happens…

    • K

      ” I’m very upset the victim wasn’t killed. ”

      Ummm what?

    • joshl

      You know there are ways of solving problems without people dying, right?

      • Jamin Jimmy

        Is there? The mayor, chief, and community haven’t figured it out.

    • RFK

      So if a person is being robbed, you would like to see that person shot and killed so MAYBE more police work can be done….Oh and never mind the victim’s family that’s left to suffer.

    • Chris

      Dude, what the Eff.

      By that logic you should get a gun and start murdering people so the police start showing up more often.

  • jaanku

    I am certainly not advocating for anyone being shot, injured or killed. But to have this many shooting in such close proximity to each other is completely unacceptable. The ANC and/or MPD need to figure out a solution and fast.


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