Washington, DC


From Dupont Underground:

“Please help us build Raise/Raze, Hou de Sousa’s winning design in the Re-Ball! competition and the first ever art installation in the Dupont Underground. We really, really, really, need your help (did I mention really?). We need to build about 18 thousand cubes -composed of 27 balls each- before we open on April 30, with most of the production happening on weekends. So…don’t even bother doing the math…we have a lot to do! We’ve had an awesome lead up to this moment, with great press and all of Washington – not to mention the design world – watching to see if we can do this thing…so, LET’S DO THIS THING!

Please invite your friends and relations, get them to volunteer, the more people we have making blocks the better!

We will have stations set up with a few folks on hand to explain the process. It’s pretty simple really, we will be making an assembly line to transform balls into bricks as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to make about 1000 blocks in a day.

If you have a glue gun, please bring it (BYOGG!) Glue will be provided!

If you have not filled out our volunteer release form, please do so at least 2 hours before you come.

And please sign up for multiple shifts if you can.



Dupont Underground – 1900 Massachusetts Ave NW Entrance @ New Hampshire Avenue on northeast side of Dupont Circle.”


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