“2 Homes Struck by Gun Shots Good Friday Night”

by Prince Of Petworth April 5, 2016 at 11:25 am 10 Comments

house shot

“Dear PoPville,

I came home from work today to find the attached flyer stuck in my mailbox. Looks like the shots I (and at least one other commenter) heard were not at 8th and Emerson, but around the corner on the 700 block of Delafield, NE.

Sad that there was damage, and terrifying that the bullets entered people’s homes. When someone asked about the 8th and Emerson shooting on the 4D listserv, an officer said that they responded and found nothing. Seems they were looking on the wrong block.

I hope that the person who made the flyer sees this and knows that some of us did call, and I hope MPD figures out what’s going on and arrests whomever is behind it.”

  • The note at the bottom reminds me of all the people who write in shocked that someone would commit a crime a) on a Sunday, or b) in the afternoon, or c) any other number of “poor etiquette” times as they’ve determined it…as if someone in the mindset of robbing or shooting someone reads Miss Manners’ rules of decorum, and is an otherwise upstanding citizen who would never harm a neighbor.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t violate the Truce Day. Some thugs have rules of decorum.

  • JohnSmith

    That sucks; glad no one was hurt. I live RIGHT around the corner and heard the same gunshots and I’ve got to tell you, I did not see any units canvassing the area. I was up for a while (watching a movie) and kept looking out my window for police cars but never saw any units. It is entirely possible that I missed them but I am skeptical. Does anyone know when the North Michigan Park Neighborhood Association meeting is this month (time and location)? I think its the first Wednesday of every month but I can’t remember and I’d like to go and voice my concern. As a resident of the impacted neighborhood, any advice on how I can do my part to ensure this doesn’t become a regular occurrence?

    • Michigan Park OP

      Did you get a flyer too? I sent a copy to an officer who was replying on the 4D listserv. He essentially said it wasn’t very helpful because they have no record of reports from the actual homeowners.

      • JohnSmith

        I did not get the flyer but heard about it on the 4D listserve. Even though they are aware of damage to a house (via the flyer you sent) from the incident, they won’t pursue it because no one filed an official report? If that’s the case, that’s frustrating. I also found it frustrating that on the 4D listserve the officer stated they couldn’t find anything when they canvassed the area because it was dark but made no mention of returning to the area to re-search when it was day time.

  • Thestruggle

    I was a person who also called, sadly the police response was no more than a crusier driving by the area, at a high speed, how could they see anything. I saw two individuals crossing 8th street from the alley on Delafield to the alley between Emerson and Delafield, I gave the operator the description. The alley is key here both alleys are three way alleys. My backyard was struck a few months ago, this is an ongoing issue that must be dealt with. I will be installing cameras and hope to help stop this.

    • YourNeighbor

      “My backyard was struck a few months ago, this is an ongoing issue that must be dealt with.” What do you mean by this? I also live in the area and was awake when the incident happened and did not see much (or any) police response.

  • Michigan Park OP

    Neighbors, seems like we should have a real life discussion about this? My name is Cara Foran and I’m the OP here. Facebook me your email addresses and I will put us all together to discuss?

  • Jenny

    I live right on the same block where the gun shots were fired. It is rather scary. I actually heard them. A lot of weird activity has been going on that area lately. Especially late at night. I am glad that the neighborhood is finally waking up to it.

    • Jenny

      I heard them as well. Did anyone attend the neighborhood association meeting last Wednesday. I hope more flyers were distributed then.

      I am not aware that more situations like this are occurring in the neighborhood.


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