Washington, DC


“Dear PoPville,

Not sure if you have heard that the Eckington Civic Association (ECA) has decided to vote on pursuing historic designation for Eckington. This is becoming a somewhat heated issue for the neighborhood with people having strong opinions on all sides. Mostly this seems to be an anti-pop up effort by a few people (despite the 35 ft cap that’s already in R4).

They have just announced they are starting with a survey and based on the results of that survey, those who belong to the ECA will get to vote on pursuing historic. There’s not much information being shared on how many people have to respond to the survey, what the survey will actually ask, and what results will allow the ECA to move forward and vote. It’s definitely upsetting to some of us that not all residents can vote, only those who paid to be ECA members vote…

Not to mention, creating a historic district solely to put a stop to pop ups in a neighborhood that clearly has larger issues (side note: I love it here and don’t feel unsafe, but obviously we have bigger issues than pop ups…).

I would be curious what the general thought in DC would be of Eckington declaring itself historic and what those who live in historic districts think of the regulations that are now imposed on them. Particularly residents in newly declared districts (Shaw I believe is recent and Bloomingdale is considering it too).”


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