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A Few More Things About Tomorrow’s Metro Meltdown

by Prince Of Petworth March 15, 2016 at 8:03 pm 17 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user nevermindtheend

For the Feds from the communications director for OPM:

“Due to the MetroRail closure on Wednesday, March 16, Federal agencies in the National Capital Region are OPEN, but employees have the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. To help alleviate the transportation difficulties that may be associated with the temporary MetroRail closure, OPM is encouraging all agencies to allow their employees to take full advantage of this “change of status” and permit their employees to telework, take leave, or use their AWS Day off.”

From DPW:

“The DC Department of Public Works announced this afternoon that it is suspending residential street sweeping, Wednesday, March 16, to relieve competition for parking spaces from an expected increase in motorists due to the Metrorail shutdown. Street sweeping parking violations will not be written March 16; however, DPW will enforce other violations, such as parking at an expired meter, bus stop and crosswalk, or the time limit on parking in a residential parking permit zone.

Normal parking enforcement of residential street sweeping will resume Thursday, March 17.”

From Capital Bikeshare:

Capital Bikeshare will offer free 24-hour memberships at all 370 stations on Wednesday, March 16 beginning at 12 a.m. to better serve commuters looking for transportation during the Metrorail closure. Usage fees will still apply to all trips over 30 minutes. Visit any station kiosk and follow the prompts on the touch screen to access a free membership. 24-hour memberships will remain free at all stations until 11:59 p.m.

Capital Bikeshare will also offer morning Corral Service at three locations from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. on Wednesday. Corral Service will offer guaranteed open docks in the morning by having staff on hand to remove bikes when the station docks are full. Corral service will be available at:

21st St & Eye St NW in Foggy Bottom
13th St & New York Ave NW near Metro Center & Franklin Square
Columbus Circle next to Union Station

From the Philips:

“Just wanted to send you a quick advisory:

The Phillips Collection will be closed Wednesday, March 16, due to the emergency closure of the metrorail system throughout the region.”

From Split:

“With Metro closing I’m reaching out because Split, the DC on-demand smarter shared rides, is putting more drivers out on the road tomorrow in anticipation of need. Split ridership has been growing and many riders use Split as an effective alternative to Metro (since lately it’s been so hard to rely on WMATA).”

And most importantly from Smoke and Barrel:

“Hey tele-workers! Our usual Wednesday 1/2 price draft happy hour starts at noon tomorrow! Limited food menu.”

  • dd

    Cool about Bike Share! I was waiting to renew my membership until it was going to be consistently warm. This will help me figure out how my bike-to-work commute will be without spending the money first :)

  • S

    That’s going to suck for capital bikeshare members…we r going to have to fight for bikes

    • womp

      Today’s transport debacle is going to suck for everyone in this city/region, even the ones holed up at home teleworking in their pjs. However, I can appreciate the efforts by all parties to make transport accessible on a really shitty day to have to commute. Hopefully you have some flexibility in your work hours that would allow you to beat the rush on the bikes / find a bike. This morning at 6:15am, there were plenty of bikes at the 5+ stations I passed in lower NW.
      *dramatic voice*
      Welcome to the 2016 Hunger Games and the first ever reaping held in The Capitol! May the odds ever be in your favor.

      • stacksp

        How is it negatively affecting teleworkers ?

        • womp

          two easy examples:
          – if people working in a super collaborative team/environment, not sitting in the office together is a struggle.
          – meeting cancellations happen frequently due to telework and that just starts the negative consequences domino effect.

          • stacksp

            Sounds like issues or views on the effectiveness teleworking in general and not rail service affecting teleworkers.

          • womp

            nope; i have no qualms with telework (which i did FT for a year). that said, the examples i mentioned are more impactful when it’s unscheduled telework, and, in this instance, it’s a direct reflection of the lack of rail service preventing people from being in the office. e.g., big mtg/presentation planned for a group of 7 PMs at my organization that can’t happen when they can’t get to the office due to lack of rail service.
            are those teleworking impacted to the same degree as those who are in the office today? of course not. but my original point is that due to the abrupt and severe disturbance in commuting options, today is going to suck (to varying degrees) for just about everyone in the metro area, and that is inarguable.

          • FridayGirl

            I kind of have to laugh a little about this, though, because there are alternatives to taking the metro from every area that the metro serves. Like, I know if I had to get from U Street to NoVA, it would take a long time but there ARE buses. And taxis. And shuttle services (like Bridg). And bikes. And zipcars, etc. It would be totally doable.
            So minus people who live way out in the ‘burbs (who probably drive anyway), I really have literally zero sympathy for people who would cancel meetings, etc. because of the metro being shut down.

          • CHGal

            Sure there are options, but there are thousands of additional people vying for spots on them.

        • B

          Our network gets overwhelmed when too many people try and VPN in. I’m in the office this morning, but our shared drives and our email are down, making it impossible to work on 80% of what I had planned.

  • FridayGirl

    So, I took my normal bus this morning — usually bursting at the seams around 7:30 — and it was half empty. There was an almost totally empty bus behind mine. Hoping this bodes well for the rest of the day.

  • anon

    Drove from Cap Hill to downtown at 7am and traffic conditions were normal- if not a little light. I wouldn’t be surprised if the afternoon rush is still a sh*t show though.

    • anon

      Yeah, no problems driving from the Bloomingdale area to down town. Traffic was normal. Maybe we should just let Feds telework all the time and eliminate the metrorail system altogether. Seems be to better than normal.

      • womp


      • FridayGirl

        I had the same thought! Haha. (Except I’m a fed and my supervisor doesn’t allow telework. Which is funny since I actually tend to get more done when I’m at home.)

  • Sara

    Split tweeted that you can sign-up with code GETGOING today for free ride credits, too :) It’s a DC-based company doing shared rides, and no surge pricing.

  • stacksp

    I can see Metro doing a total shutdown or a partial shutdown again to address whatever it is that they discover today during their inspection. They will not be able to fix everything today but could get a decent idea as to what lingering issues that they have. A lot of the communication is now coming out from the media that its not nearly as bad as they expected.


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