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“I don’t know how DC can call itself a walkable city when obstacles just show up in the middle of a busy sidewalk”

Colunbia Road Sidewalk Closing 2

Paul passes on a note he sent to the Council:

“I don’t know how DC can call itself a walkable city when obstacles like the one in the two attached photos just show up in the middle of a busy sidewalk.

Now, I am able-bodied enough just to be able to walk along the curb as these other folks did, but what about the fellow who rolls up on his wheelchair and suddenly learns he needs to go back to the previous street-corner.

My solution for him was to rip down the tapes so his wheelchair could go on through. He was grateful. But why can’t the council insist that contractors provide walkways when their construction work blocks the sidewalk?

Same problem has been the construction on the Hilton along Florida Avenue. The sidewalk on the north side of the street is completely blocked off. Pedestrians are just expected to walk along the other side of the street.

It doesn’t have to be that way….

Paul Alan Levy”

Ed. Note: Paul explains “This was the scene on my way to work both today AND yesterday – actually the wheelchair guy was yesterday, it was only this morning that I had the wit to take the photos.”

Colunbia Road Sidewalk Closing 1

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