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  • pambreeden

    That’s great!

  • tom

    I hope they keep weekened hours. There has been a big push to try to revitalize Frankline Square, I can’t help but think the main problem is it is surrrounded by 9-5 office buildings. More daytime retail/restaurants would surely help the square feel more vibrant and interesting.

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      I’d also like to see Franklin Square get revitalized but I doubt weekend hours at Devon & Blakely does much toward that end…

  • wdc

    The most expensive average sandwich I ever had was from this outfit. Are people that desperate for lunch variety?

    • Rukasu


  • lizcolleena

    Isn’t there one 3 blocks from here? I like D&B, but would prefer a little more variety in one area.

  • Ri cch

    People go out of their way to skip the one that’s a block from where I work.

  • anonymous

    I had just been thinking, Gee I hope another really overpriced sandwich shop will open near my office. Wish granted.

  • On Capital Heels

    Meh. Never found D&B to be particularly good, no matter what I order. Has to be one of my least favorite lunch chains ever.


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