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“BAD week for 19th street, Protein Bar at 19th and K is closed!”

by Prince Of Petworth March 28, 2016 at 10:30 am 12 Comments

1011 19th Street, NW

Thanks to Caitlin for sending word about Protein Bar closing on 19th Street just north of K:


She notes this follows other recent 19th Street closures – Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine and Science Club:

1134-36 19th Street, NW

As well as Smith and Wollensky’s:

1112 19th Street, NW

Also Shoes By Lara is closing:

1030 19th Street, NW

But at least Bonfire’s opening soon:

1132 19th Street, NW

  • skaballet

    But at least there’s another one at 17th & K which could be why this one closed….

    • Anonymous

      Plus, the good news is – there are so many good lunch places around 19th that competition is fierce.

  • MVT

    Protein Bar is just too inconsistent for my liking. You would think with the multiple locations that their recipes would be a little more formulaic

    • thoma193

      Protein Bar’s performance really has been confusing. The concept seems like it would be a hit in this area (as it is in Denver and Chicago), and they are typically located in high-traffic areas that would garner the health-conscious lunch crowd. Yet numerous times I’ve seen locations pop up and fail, or locations open up in near proximity to one another.

  • kjb27

    I feel like Shoes by Lara has had a “store closing” sign up for at least a year.

    • eggs

      I think they run “store closing” sales often…I remember buying some shoes there during a similar sale years ago.

      • ***

        It’s like the suit shops on Wisconsin in GTown that are always “closing”

  • Count Pheasant


  • V

    curious as to what craziness will inhabit the old

  • Terps

    Sophie’s was open last Thursday.

    • Note their sign is now turned around backwards in the photo to the left of the awning.


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