Smith & Wollensky closes Downtown

by Prince Of Petworth March 23, 2016 at 9:45 am 29 Comments

1112 19th Street, NW

19th Street’s ups and downs continues with word of Smith & Wollensky closing. Thanks to all who sent word. A reader writes over the weekend: “re-confirmed now, sign on door “closed permanently”. So, what theme from the National Restaurant Group would you like to see here… Seriously, where’s your favorite spot for steak?

  • domrep

    I have a sot spot for Ray’s in DTSS.

    • domrep


  • Clueless

    The Palm or Morton’s… especially when it’s on the company dime. :)

  • Los

    Funny, yesterday I was reading that this place was ranked as DC’s top spot for a date with your mistress… Fav spot for steak? Rural Society, I’m really, REALLY looking forward for Macri to do away with the taxes that prevent Argentine steak from making it to our shores. Hopefully he and Obama will talk about this today. We need pampas meat ASAP

    • domrep

      Went to NY a couple of years ago w/my girlfriend and we had dinner at this Argentinian restaurant, Buenos Aires I think was the name. Best steak we ever had. I’m guessing Rural Society is as close as we’re gonna get to good Argentine steak, at least for now?

  • Nathan

    Capital Grille downtown.

  • At least in answer to your second question: Bourbon Steak in Georgetown

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Also, $111+

    • Quotia Zelda

      Definitely agree.

  • anon50

    how about this question, where is the best butcher in town to buy prime meat from? have been to wagshals and a few others, but curious if there’s any better around.

    • sproc

      Red Apron sells some great beef. They only seem to offer a limited number of cuts, though.

      • Nathan

        +1 If I’m cooking some dry aged beef at home, I usually try to pick it up from Red Apron.

      • That One Guy

        The Red Apron in the Mosaic in Fairfax sells awesome fries.

    • siz

      love red apron and the other butcher at union market, harvey’s. the bacon at harvey’s is SO GOOD.

      • Anon

        Here’s a second for Harvey’s. As much as I love Pam at Wagshal’s, I just can’t afford going to her for everything. Harvey’s isn’t super cheap for some cuts, but the quality is outstanding for the price.

    • jdre


  • Anon Spock

    The Monocle is my go to place.

    Wonder if any if the new steak places are worth a look.

  • cpt12

    Del Frisco’s in City Center

  • Diogisdaddy

    The Prime Rib on K street.

    • Anonymouse_dianne

      Buzz Beler is family. It is a favorite go-to for special occasions. The Prime Rib and the crab are excellent and love the old timey piano.

  • MtP

    Bourbon Steak is definitely my favorite for steak (and duck fat fries and delicious rolls). I also love the old school ambience of the Palm, but the food just isn’t quite as good. I want to try Del Frisco’s in City Center, as I have heard great things. I’m not suprirsed S&W closed, it wouldn’t even be on my top 10 for steak in the city. Not sure who would go there.

  • That One Guy

    Anyone else alarmed at the rate of closures on 19th street?

    • Dan

      Not alarmed, but surprised Smith & Wollensky’s closed. I guess it’s been a few years since I worked on that block, but it always seemed to have a good lunch crowd. ESPECIALLY April through October when the patio was in full-swing. I’m sure my company wasn’t the only one to regularly send platoons of people for “special lunches.” Maybe dinner crowd was sub-par? Maybe companies (and society in general) are moving away from steak as the standard “reward/special meal.”

      • siz

        yeah, this is surprising. i work right around the corner and lunch business is definitely strong…location might not be great for dinner though, and maybe they needed a more robust dinner crowd to keep the money flowing.

        • Anon Spock

          +1 to this
          Lunch alone can’t keep a business around.

  • Mr. Magoo

    Mastro’s downtown is quite expensive, but the bone-in ribeye is terrific. The 80s-luxe vibe of the décor has kind of grown on me as well.

    The Palm’s food has definitely gotten better in the last few years, but that covered patio in front is truly Siberia.

    Morton’s in Georgetown was a ghost town the last time I was there. The place seems trapped in the first Clinton administration.

  • anon

    Joes Stone Crab…best steaks and service.

  • I’m not that old

    BLT yum yum
    although not the best, I’m sad to see S&W go. Years ago when there was nothing to do in the city, they would be open on Christmas day and be so accommodating. My husband and I had a tradition of going in, having way too many martinis and tons of red meat. We would have to walk home as it was impossible to get a cab and Uber didn’t exist. Arrevoir Smith’s


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