Sad Scuttlebutt: Sophie’s Cuban Closing on 19th Street at the end of the Month?

by Prince Of Petworth March 3, 2016 at 10:35 am 13 Comments

1134 19th Street, NW

A very good source hears that the end in nigh for Sophie’s Cuban next to Science Club. Sophie’s opened up back in October 2013. Updates when/if more info is known. Any fans? Anyone try the cuban sandwich? Where other good spots to get cuban sandwiches around town?


  • NotAwesome

    I have no experience with their sandwiches, but their dinner delivery is some of the best in town. When I’m working late at the office, this is one of the few places to get a good square meal (eat with a fork, not with your hands) without breaking the bank. Would be sad to see them go.

  • Bort

    Sophie’s Cuban sandwich was not good. The best Cuban sandwich in DC was to be found in the food court at International Square–but I think the place changed ownership (or management) a few months ago and the quality slipped a little bit. Still better than Sophie’s ever was though.

    • That’s an underrated food court, but I didn’t have great food from Ropa Vieja – maybe I should give them another try.

  • CapHill23

    This place was ok. Mi Cuba Cafe in Columbia Heights is much better. They use real Cuban bread for their sandwiches and not just a baquette – makes all the differences!

    • MtP

      +1 to Mi Cuba in Columbia Heights. Have had many great sandwiches and meals there.

      • Egad

        +2 Mi Cuba Cafe is fabulous!

  • Sophies fan

    I really like Sophie’s and am sad to hear this!! For months coworkers and I would all order delivery from Sophie’s, and every time they forgot something, but the food was always great! I haven’t been as much in the last year or so, but when I go I love the food. I’ll be very sad to see them go. The Cuban place in the food court at International Square is also great. They’re very nice and their food is tasty.

  • Mojotron

    Sophie’s is decent, not amazing but a good place to get a reasonably-priced sit-down meal downtown. The Cuban place in the International Square food court is OK, as someone pointed out it’s undergone some sort of ownership/management change in the past year that caused quality to dip but is still decent.

  • jneoh

    This is such a bummer!

    I know the other commenters are hating, but I LOVE Sophie’s – especially their pork sandwich “with a twist.” Their green sauce is pretty great, too.

    • nico heights

      That sandwich is amazing!

  • SinSA

    Noooo! I love Sophie’s!!

  • Mr. Magoo

    I kept meaning to try this place and never made it, so I guess I need to hurry up. Sophie’s Cuban is apparently a mini-chain, although maybe they just license the name. The Sophie’s on West 45th Street in Manhattan is great, although with all the food choices there — like the amazing goat stew — ordering a Cuban sandwich is the last thing I would do.

  • MR

    I’m sad to see this place close. I moved here from New York, where there was a Sophie’s near my office that I frequented. I was very happy when I moved here to see they had a DC outpost. As far as DC delivery options, Sophie’s can’t be beat.


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