• Dan

    This is why it’s difficult to have nice things. Be nice to your fellow coffeeshop customers or someone’s gonna have to be the coffeeshop police.

    I’m a homebrew/travelmug guy, so I often wonder how much one can spend in during one visit. 2 coffees and a muffin can’t add up to more than $10. I think that gets you a half hour max. But I don’t know. You’re not going to have three coffees…or two muffins… genuinely curious what people spend in these places.

    • Anon

      My office eats here for lunch all of the time. They also now have a liquor license so add a cocktail or two.. We definitely spend over $10

    • c

      Haha. 2 coffees and a muffin at ABJ easily add up to $12.

    • Near Northeast

      It’s a bread bakery/sandwich shop. So, yeah, if I get a sandwich and a cup of tea for lunch, plus maybe a pastry, and grab a loaf of bread to take home when I leave, I’m easy spending more than $20.

  • That One Guy

    Donald Trump would approve this message/back track. HA.

    • anon


  • quincycyclist

    OK, looking back on the original sign I can get how someone wrote that sign with the background knowledge contained here.

    Of course, that’s the problem with slapping up a handwritten sign rather than crafting something thoughtfully and then posting it.

  • Anon

    My question is how much did their business suffer in the few days since the article to post this on the door?

  • thursty

    Eh, I don’t blame them. I love this place and it is really annoying when you can’t sit and people have been lingering forever.


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