Washington, DC

Baked joint
inside 440 K Street, NW courtesy A Baked Joint

Following in Filter’s footsteps and then some…

“Dear PoPville,

Interested to hear what the PoP community has to say about A Baked Joint banning “study materials.”

In the City Paper article, they compare themselves to Le Diplomate… which is a little much. For one, there are no servers, and not a particularly long wait for a table outside of peak weekend brunch hours (when it’s very noisy, and I imagine few people are studying anyway). There’s already no wifi, so I rarely see people “glued to screens.” (I live nearby and go about 3-5 times per week at various times of the day).

In general, I’ve found the baristas really unfriendly, and the coffee shop (sorry, “restaurant that serves kick-ass coffee”) pretty unwelcoming in general – they don’t even have their name anywhere on the outside of the building! I like the food, but I’m a grad student and work full time, and I won’t be drinking coffee in a place where the only thing I’m allowed to do is chat. Also, as a social work grad student, I have to add that presuming that everyone has leisure time when they can buy $5 coffee and not get any work done is pretty silly.”


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