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“This is an article of affordable housing done right.”


“Dear PoPville,

This is an article of affordable housing done right. I wish DC could get in contact with someone like this (or vice versa) to buy out some of their mismanaged public housing. When low-income people live in communities where they feel vested, and the community is properly managed so illegal or bad behavior is punished, then it is a win-win situation for the residents and the community as a whole.”

Both projects keep management teams on site, overseeing the properties, day in, day out. Neither project splurged on design, but in both cases, architecture mattered, to save energy, improve the neighborhood, spread dignity, add joy. They’re clear proof of concept for skeptical tenants — accustomed to betrayal, reluctant to give up parking lots or anything else — that change can be good.

Full story here.

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