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Shots Fired Sun. Night Near Scene of Previous Night’s Shooting of Two including a 2 year old – Arrest Made

by Prince Of Petworth February 8, 2016 at 8:50 am 13 Comments

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Ed. Note: On Saturday night there was a shooting in the 5400 block of Georgia Ave, NW.

From MPD:

“Today at approximately 2:15 AM, an off-duty MPD officer heard multiple people arguing in the rear alley of the 900 block of Ingraham Street, NW. The officer went to investigate when he observed an adult male subject fire a gun at another male in the alley. However, the shots did not take effect. The complainant then jumped into a vehicle and fled the location. The off-duty officer broadcast a lookout for the vehicle and the suspects to other units. The vehicle containing the complainant was stopped in the 5600 block of Georgia Avenue, NW, and the suspect was stopped at 9th & Ingraham Streets, NW. The suspect was found to be in possession of a loaded pistol. An identification procedure was conducted and both the off-duty officer and the complainant positively identified the suspect. The suspect was then placed under arrest for Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (Gun) and Carrying a Pistol Without a License.”

  • Curious George

    How about “attempted first degree murder” instead of just assault with a weapon? Let’s get these thugs off the streets.

    • Anon Spock

      First degree murder requires premeditation…simply carrying a gun wouldn’t fit the bill.
      Second degree is a maybe, but I assume they went for the lesser charge since the complainant wasn’t hit.

  • KDY

    Both of these incidents hit waaaaay to close to home for me. Although I still think this is a wonderful neighborhood with potential that’s only now beginning to be tapped, there remain very real safety concerns after dark. I can’t tell you what an enormous relief if it is when I see a parked 4D cruiser or see cops out on bikes or patrolling around. I just want to recognize and thank the cops for all they do. Good job on bagging this one.

    • Curious George

      +1 to this comment. Many thanks to the hard working cops. Also, props the off duty cop who went to investigate in this situation! Thank you!

  • madmonk28

    Thank you to that off duty police officer who took it upon him/herself to investigate. Public service at its best. Any animosity I have at how the city is being managed is not directed at the people who have to do the hard work of keeping it running.

  • dcd

    “However, the shots did not take effect.”
    I assume that means the shots missed, but what an odd way to put it.

    • KDY

      I think it means the gun jammed.

    • Anon

      Standard police blotter

  • jim_ed

    Big weekend for my neighborhood. Can’t wait for the panicked phone calls from my mother-in-law about how unsafe we are.
    That said, something needs to be done about that alley that runs behind Georgia between Jefferson and Ingraham. It’s constantly got people up to no good loitering in it and on that seemingly abandoned stoop across from the CVS parking lot. Someone was also stabbed to death in this same alley about two years ago, so this isn’t an exactly new problem either.

    • stacksp

      Growing up, there was friction between the crews that ran 9th and Farragut and the dealers on Kennedy St. 9th and 7th Kennedy being the major hubs with some of the other dealers operating off the strip. Every now and then, things take a turn and escalates to violence.

  • Annon MPD (2)

    “Shots didn’t take effect.” Mean that the rounds or projectiles that were fired didn’t hit anything living..

  • say what

    Im confused by the headline-a two year old was shot? there is no info in the post about that.


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