Two Shot including a two year old Toddler at 10:30pm last night on Georgia Ave

by Prince Of Petworth February 7, 2016 at 8:31 am 32 Comments

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From AlertDC:

“Alert: Shooting at 2226 hrs in the 5400 block of Georgia Avenue.Lookout for silver car”

Alan Henney tweets:

“U/D SHOOTING- TODDLER and MAN SHOT- 5400 blk Georgia Av NW-DC. Injured boy is 2yr-old. Approx 15-20 shots were fired. Injuries are NLT.”

Update from MPD:

“On Saturday evening around 10:25 PM, MPD responded to the sounds of gunshots in the 5400 block of Georgia Avenue, NW. A juvenile toddler that was inside one of the businesses was grazed by a bullet and an adult male that was on the sidewalk was struck by a bullet. The wounds sustained by both victims were not life-threatening.

Anyone with information regarding this offense is asked to contact MPD at (202)727-9099 or can text at 50411.”

  • Anonymous

    A two year old? Enough is enough! Mark my words… Crime is going to cost Bowser and a bunch of city council members their jobs. My prayers to thus family.

    • madmonk28

      I wish I could believe that, but she has so much money and the power of the incumbency going for her. As long as the the robberies, ATVs and shootings are only terrorizing east of the park, I think we’ll have her and Lanier for quite a while.

    • spookiness

      What kind of parent has their kids out past 10 on a Saturday night?

      • HaileUnlikely

        I’m guessing a mother who works odd hours and doesn’t have a wealth of childcare options is the kind of mother who brings her child with her to the hair salon at 10 PM. One article indicates that the child was in a hair salon with her mother. I realize that going to a hair salon at 10PM is probably a foreign experience to most of us here, but there are a lot of hair salons in upper Ward 4 that are open late and primarily serve women who work odd hours.

        • Anonamom

          Completely correct Haile.
          Why must be immediately jump to blaming the parent in this situation? I had my kid out until 10 on Saturday night because we went to go see an age-appropriate show that ended late. Does this some how make me a horrible mother?

        • ANC


      • gotryit

        I’ve done that before – walked home with two kids after hanging out with friends and their kids on a Saturday night. Do you have a problem with that too? Or is it just the hair salon thing that makes it unacceptable. Think about what that says about you, then fix yourself.

      • madmonk28

        I knew someone was going to blame the victims. A parent was out with her child. She obviously made a decision based on her life and her priorities that meant that she felt the need to bring her child with her somewhere. Maybe she had to run an errand and didn’t have a sitter, maybe she lives above the shop, maybe the kid’s great aunt once removed was in town and she brought the toddler over to say hello. It doesn’t matter, what does matter is that two people were shot.

      • Anonymous

        Someone who doesn’t have the luxury of working a normal 9-5 desk jockey job.
        Consider yourself lucky and privileged.

  • The King Ad-Hoc



    OMG . . .

    • AJ

      Hilarious :/

      • The King Ad-Hoc

        Sorry. Should have put in a snark tag.

        The idea that we have three-letter codes for the state of gunshot victims is horrifying.

        • Timebomb

          Right. Maybe if police spent more time doing paperwork, specifically typing out typical three-word phrases every single time, our city would be safer?

        • SilverSpringGal

          You need those codes to get the point across quickly and succintly especially on Twitter but also over radio shorthand. NLT = non-life threatening, i.e. so everyone immediate knows the child and other victim will LIVE.

  • Petworth Diva

    I’m sure NLT is police shorthand. Anyway, this violent trend is quite upsetting, from shootings to people getting mugged & robbed. People, stay safe.

  • anon1

    NLT = Non Life Threatening

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure this will stir Mayer Bowser out of bed this morning ready to take action and clean up our city…ahhhhhh nevermind SUNDAY FUNDAY, amirite??!??

  • DC Parent

    What I hope leadership keeps in mind – parents like us, with kids in Petworth, literally sit around the dinner table and wonder if anyone makes bullet proof strollers!!? I hope they take seriously the urgent need to get this on-going Petworth shooting situation under control! Given how frequently it occurs, I sometimes wonder. Please, effective action, any day now, before more people get hurt! And so we can live at least a couple weeks without bullets flying in our neighborhood.

  • DH

    I received a red light violation for making a right hand a turn at Georgia and Missouri (a few blocks from the shooting) on my to work at 6:15am. Rest assured, they will NEVER find who committed this crime. On the bright side, they did get $150 from me (in addition to the top tax bracket that I pay all ready).

    • jim_ed

      So…because there is gun crime in the city you feel you should have free reign to make illegal turns? I’m not following your indescribably asinine logic here.

      • Anonymous

        But he’s in top income tax bracket!

    • HaileUnlikely

      If you are going to brag about being in the top bracket, I would respectfully ask that you refrain from driving like a moron and refrain from spelling like a moron, so as to set a better example for the rest of us who aspire to be like you when we grow up.

      • There is no question DH is a troll – sorry I missed it. Please ignore him.

        • anon

          I don’t think he’s a troll per se, Dan. I think he is inartfully trying to make a point about enforcement priorities – a point that could have been made more effectively in many other ways.

          • I have a pretty good instinct about these things. For example the tax bracket – c’mon…

        • DH

          First, I am not a troll. I am truly amused how upset people get reading these comments. My point is that in the 2.5 years that I lived two blocks from the 4th District MPD I have seen more crime alerts for this short section of Georgia Ave NW. I am perplexed why the MPD can’t police this area more effectively.

    • Petworther

      Well most of us are far more statistically likely to be killed in/by a car than by a stray bullet, so I’d say that’s one of the free places where DCs priorities make sense.

    • Anonamom

      I’m not one to generally defend red light cameras. However, the one at the Georgia Ave/Missouri Ave is much needed do the extremely high number of red light runners, whether it be left hand turners, right hand turners, or those going straight. For those of us who walk, it’s treacherous, and considering the pretty high number of people out and about on this section of Georgia at all times of the day, I’m perfectly happy for a red light camera to be there. Then again, I suppose those of us who aren’t in the “top tax bracket” like you should just run as fast as our little plebian legs can carry us so that you can be spare the inconvenience of having to wait 45 seconds for the light to turn green so that you can legally, and safely turn.
      I see where you are trying to go with your “argument,” however, the department that deal with camera tickets is completely different from the one that deals with shootings. But you know, advocating to go lenient on certain crimes and not other just makes a lot of sense.

    • PPercy, I didn’t know you had moved to Brightwood!

      • textdoc


    • oh you fancy


      Ooooh, you make over 350k a year. I bet that extra .45% in marginal tax rate really breaks the bank.

  • Emily

    How did everyone get away from the most horrifying part of this post – the fact that a child was caught in the line of fire – to traffic violations and income tax brackets? Something needs to be done in petworth. I love this neighborhood, but I also have a young child and incidents like this make me seriously consider moving to the burbs – God forbid – for the safety of my family. I’m sure there are many families like me who moved here for the amazing neighbors, culture, and amenities of petworth, but sadly may be forced to leave if stuff like this continues to happen. How can it be that crime is getting worse, not better??


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