“one of our beloved neighborhood bagel shops, Bagels and Baguettes, will be closing quite abruptly in about a months time”

by Prince Of Petworth February 25, 2016 at 1:00 pm 28 Comments

236 Massachusetts Ave, NE via google maps

Update: “The bad news they are closing this Monday, the 29th.”

“Dear PoPville,

I caught wind today that one of our beloved neighborhood bagel shops, Bagels and Baguettes, will be closing quite abruptly in about a months time. It sounds like the landlord will not be renewing the lease, thus forcing them out.

Bagels and Baguettes of District Of Columbia, DC has been part of the Capitol Hill neighborhood since 1996. We specialize in variety of authentically made bagels (kettle boiled) as well as pastries, baguette sandwiches, and salads that are all prepared on site. We also serve premium coffee, espresso drinks and smoothies.

I was wondering if anyone has heard any additional information. I also wanted to raise awareness because I believe it’s a gem in our community, and I’m sure others feel the same.

I know that they are working quickly to try and find a new location around the same area so, if anyone has any leads or connections, I would encourage you to reach out.”

  • PetworthMom

    According to MOTH, this isn’t a surprise.

    There have been numerous public meetings about the construction project at the property.

    • hahaha well good for MOTH. Damn it why are my MOTH operatives asleep at the wheel? Anyway surprise or not – this sucks.

      • anon

        According to MOTH, the Heritage Foundation is renovating the building and thus kicking them out during construction, but someone said the closure’s only temporary until reno is complete…that’s what I’m hoping, at least!

  • Kukki Bakemono

    That sucks. When I first moved to DC in ’09, I lived across the street from this place. Armand’s, Subway, and Bagels and Baguettes were my go-to spots. Now two out of those three are going bye-bye. Wonder what will be going into this space.

    • AJSE

      Which two out of the three??! Please tell me Armand’s isn’t leaving.

      • Kukki Bakemono

        I was at Union Pub about a month or so ago and noticed the Subway was gone. Armand’s is still alive and kicking, haha.

      • Morgan Fox

        IMHO, Armand’s is hands-down the worst pizza in the city. I’d take Jumbo Slice over that place. I think the only reason that it stays open is by having a place for tour buses to park, a buffet (of garbage), and a big dining room for tour groups.

  • K

    Oh no! I love Bagels and Baguettes. Back in 2004 I was still living in upstate NY when I got my first job interview. I drove overnight after my last final exam. Having never been to DC before I had no idea what quadrants were and spent most of the morning angry about why I couldn’t find 4th and C st NE (after going to 4th and C st NW and then SW). I finally found it and somehow was early for the interview. So I wondered around and found Bagels and Baguettes. I still remember eating my egg and cheese breakfast sandwich on a pumpernickel bagel while sitting in Stanton Park.

    Well dang. Now I am going to walk over and buy a sandwich for lunch.

    • purplepalace

      I feel ya. I came to DC via train for a job interview in 2004 and, having no idea where I was, wandering away from Union Station and attempting to get my bearings, I stopped in Bagels and Baguettes and ate lunch. I remember the day vividly. RIP B&B.

    • Truxton Thomas

      I was a Senate intern in college and had summer housing at 4th and D NE. Would casually stop into B&B every morning before arriving early at the office, while my comrades schlepped over from the GW dorms. A charmed summer.

  • MtP

    I used to live a few blocks away and would go here all the time. It is a great place, and they type of little place that people often bemoan DC doesn’t have. Very sad to see them go.

  • ColHeist

    I used to work around the corner from this place and absolutely loved it. Some of the best sandwiches in the city. Sad to see them go.

  • What a bummer, I liked this place much more than Bullfrog. There’s an open space for lease at 13th and Florida they could easily fit into, but I think the landlord must be asking a lot for due to it sitting empty (except for that odd art installation) for so long.

    • Lisa

      I had contacted them a bit ago to rent the Seasonal Pantry space but I think they couldn’t make it work. Too bad. I hope they’re able to relocate; the owner was wonderful to talk to.

  • Jim

    I heard murmurs a while back that this was part of a Heritage Foundation expansion into the building next door. Not sure if that’s true…

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Too bad. Before this place opened, most people on the Hill had never even tasted a bagel before, unless they had visited New York.

    • marybindc

      Not true. Chesapeake Bagel Bakery was in the 200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue SE for years (where Sonoma is now, I believe).

  • Kevin

    #savethebagels !!

  • When I was a kid in the 80s, I lived around the corner from here. Back then, it was Bob’s Famous Ice Cream. Anyone else remember that? They used to have a kids race around Stanton Park, as part of the Capitol Hill Classic. Bob’s Famous would give free ice cream cones to all the kids who ran. Anyone?

    • LA in MVS

      Yes, of course, I remember Bob’s! I used to manage that building back then

    • Annon born in dc

      I remember, my dad lives nearby. We enjoyed our share of ice cream in the day. I think it’s ironic that people like to say dc is becoming like NY. But….

  • Philippe Lecheval

    Ever notice how damn near everything on Capitol Hill is their “beloved neighborhood ____”? “The beloved neighborhood fire hydrant on A Street, which greeted area fires with a friendly supply of water for nearly 43 years, was replaced by a new fire hydrant and will be dearly missed. A group of neighborhood residents gathered at the site to remember the old fire hydrant.”

  • formerintern

    OH NO!!! When I was a Capitol Hill intern in 1999 this was one of my favorite places to stop for breakfast. A cap hill landmark.

  • Shawshanked

    Come to shaw! We need breakfast places.

  • textdoc

    I’d never been to this place. (I’m not often on Capitol Hill.) Maybe I’ll try to check it out this weekend!

  • Morgan Fox

    Even though I haven’t been to B&B in a while, I will miss the hell out of this place. When my office was in the same building, I would regularly destroy their amazing breakfast sandwiches, and they had the best fruit smoothies on the Hill.

    Best memory: I was walking to the congressional office buildings while drinking one of their badass blueberry jams on a crazy hot morning when I ran into Al Franken 100 ft. from B&B. He asked me where I got it, and I offered him a sip. He took one, gave it back to me, and waited for me to take a sip before shouting, “NOW YOU’VE GOT WEST NILE!!” and walking away.

  • NE Resident

    Jamaican me crazy!

  • mvelkin



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