“Anyone else infuriated with this?”

by Prince Of Petworth February 2, 2016 at 1:05 pm 18 Comments


“Dear PoPville,

Anyone else infuriated with this?

For the past ~6 months or so new construction has been going up on the block of Georgia between Webster and Iowa…

More recently barricades have gone up and part of the street was made a walkway since the sidewalk were eaten up by construction.

During #snowzilla, it appears the snow plow that cleared Georgia Ave. pushed the barricades into the curb and left residents with no safe walkway/sidewalk and forces people to walk onto Georgia Ave. with its busy traffic to get around…

Being a pet owner this is really tough to deal with. You can’t walk into a busy street with your dog and not be worried some speeding car will go around you… Also there are plenty of children that go home from school on Georgia Ave.

I’ve tried to call the city to see if they will deal with this and give us a safe walkway again. I’ve even tried to speak with the construction folks to see if they will be fixing the issue… No help in sight and the problem just seems to get worse with all this construction.

Who do you need to speak with in DC to get something like this addressed?”

  • Amanda

    Who in the city did you try contacting? Did you reach out to your council member? If not I’d try there.

  • sproc

    What does being a pet owner have to do with the price of tea in China? Is concern for the safety of human beings not sufficient to make the point?

    • womp

      i thought it was an odd thing to say. but it’s possible the OP was just trying to indicate he/she walks that stretch of road several times a day, and perhaps more frequently than others, only increasing his/her frustrations.

    • Duponter

      Unsure, my read of it was that it increases the risk a car will hit him/her and/or his/her dog.

      • naan

        Might be difficult to quickly walk in the street and around the construction with a pup – dogs aren’t always predictable. Probably worried that the dog could get hit, if a car passes them too closely while walking in the street?

    • mark miller

      Having a dog with you increases the amount of time you’re vulnerable and in the street, if you decide to step off the sidewalk and into the street. They like to sniff the pavement and stuff like that. Some of them don’t like walking through puddles and some get scared of the traffic and go immobile. I have to be a lot more conscious of things like the crosswalk countdown and right-turning vehicles when I am with my dog than when I’m out walking by myself. Small children are even more of a challenge to manage. It’s tough having to be responsible for another living thing in a snowpile.

  • Dcbee

    Are they plastic barriers? Why not just push them back out…?

    • Tavasin

      because they havent plowed the snow, so now it dirt, mud and snow.

  • Beetroot McKinley

    It’s the Contractor’s responsibility to maintain a traffic control plan (which would include safe routes for pedestrians) that is consistent with their public space permit. I’d try and speak to the Contractor again and if that doesn’t work, contact DDOT and ask for their inspector to go out and review the tcp and permit.

  • Tavasin

    I recently moved out of 4312-4314 Georgia Ave NW, because of these two new developments. These contractors did not contact our management company, they completely took over the side walk, with no regard to the current tenants on the street, AND when I worked from home, the power would continuously go out during the day, and often times my water looked worse than Flints! Not to mention, our management company did nothing after my complaints of rodents and crawlers.

    They start work at 5am, and have also taken over the back alley. I recommend contacting Brandon Todd, because he may be able to shake things up, but i am GLAD i no longer live there and don’t have to deal with it ANYMORE!

  • Susan

    Contact your ANC and Council Member – the member’s constituent service person should contact the contractor to get them to follow the law again. If they fail to – then they should be fined.

    I drive past this daily – I will be mindful of pedestrians who may have to walk in the street.

  • DAJ

    You can try contacting Brandon Todd. He claims to really care about safe sidewalks, but I havent seen him actually do anything besides mug for pictures and send out terribly written newsletters.

    Try tweeting to @311DCgov and @allwalksdc. I have had some success with that.

    • Ward 4 resident

      Actually, I contacted him about a sidewalk in terrible condition, that had many 311 tickets open on it for years. His office got it repaved within a couple months. Not the fastest reaction, but much better than his predecessor.

  • anon

    walk on the other side of the street until the construction is done

    • PetworthAdam


  • Sydney P

    You’re lucky you got plastic barriers. On Constitution Avenue NW between 4th and 6th Streets, pedestrians are made to walk an extra half mile around Pennsylvania Avenue, while three sparse lanes of cars break the speed limit and run the red light there.

  • TropicBird

    I’m holding out hope for Brandon Todd, I kind of like his terribly written newsletters, at least he is paying attention.


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