Fundraiser for woman carjacked in Navy Yard who “suffered broken nose, broken jaw and 2 broken teeth”

by Prince Of Petworth February 4, 2016 at 11:10 am 5 Comments

via go fund me’s Help Jin Recover- CQ Carjacking

From an email:


I have set up a GoFundMe page for Jin, who was the victim in the Carjacking on 18 Dec. 2015. This crime was a horrendous crime and very serious as this crime and the recent robberies have made many in our community concerned for there safety. While this GoFundMe page will not stop crime, it will show the support of our community to one of our neighbors, Jin, who is currently recovering from the aggravated assault from being carjacked which caused serious bodily harm and required surgery. Jin is currently at home recovering.

She suffered one broken nose bone, few broken jaw bones, broken left lips and 2 broken teeth, which required oral surgery and 12 stitches on my lips and still have severe headaches. She also suffered a big blow to her head.

I have received overwhelming support for this GoFundMe page and know that our community is more than neighbors, friends and people. We are a support structure that provides to the needs of others to help them build, grow, and overcome what life throws at them.”

  • TrinidadBen

    There appears to be something wrong with this GoFundMe account. Just tried to donate. Please let us know if the organizers fix it. What a horrible experience for Jin.

    • navyard

      I contacted the organizer and he has logged in and resolved the GoFundMe site. Thanks for thinking of Jin.

  • Autoexec.bat

    She needs to hit up the Victims’ Compensation Fund, stat.

  • stacksp

    I have no idea how another human being can beat up a woman to this degree. Pretty sad honestly.

  • navyard

    I live on the next block. This was a horrible attack when the victim was trying to get some items out of the trunk of her car and go into her home. This has been a very safe neighborhood, until the crime spree started in Nov/Dec.


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