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Jimmy John’s coming to 14th and U Street, NW

by Prince Of Petworth February 16, 2016 at 11:00 am 12 Comments

jimmy john u st
1408 U Street, NW

Thanks to Jim for sending:

“Looks like a new @jimmyjohns coming to 14+U between McDonalds and DC Noodles”

This is the former 24 Seven Mediterranean Restaurant that closed in 2012 and moved to 15th and U St, NW. They are now The Mediterranean Spot. The founder and CEO of Jimmy’s Johns is a controversial figure to say the least…

1408 U Street back in the day:


  • U Street Resident

    A good number of sandwich shop options in the immediate 14th and U area — Taylor, Subway, and now Jimmy John’s (I suppose one can count that cheesesteak place as well). I imagine the opening of Jimmy John’s will affect Subway’s demand far more than Taylor’s, but I suppose we’ll see.

    • CVR

      I bought a sandwich from Jimmy Johns once and thought it was less than mediocre. I’d rather go to the dreaded Subway!

      • JohnH

        I bet if you did a blind taste test on sandwiches, Jimmy Johns/Subway would beat out Taylor. And is half the price. I think Taylor is overrated – particularly the bread. But to each their own.

        • U Street Resident

          Respectfully disagree, though I find the service at the 14th Street Taylor to be subpar — they don’t have enough staff preparing sandwiches, which results in inordinately long waits after ordering if the line is more than 2 or 3 people.

  • TrendWatcher

    Fast sandwich delivery in the ‘hood, I’ll take it!

  • Duponter

    The owner of Jimmy John’s is a batshit crazy conservative who likes to spend tens of thousands of dollars to hunt endangered animals in Africa. He is basically that dentist who killed Cecil.

    Fine if that isn’t something you care about, but hopefully some folks who do not know this will now know and go elsewhere for mediocre sandwiches.

    • On Capital Heels

      Whoa! Really?!?! Never heard this! Will have to look this up!

    • JohnH

      While I appreciate the effort, there probably aren’t too many people you’d like to support that own large corporations.

    • Reality

      Agreed – I will never eat at JJ because of their INSANE CEO/owner.

  • T Street

    Google this guy and you’ll see how he delights on hunting big game in Africa and posing for photos with their sad carcasses. He’s disgusting. I live around the corner from where this will be and I will never step foot in it. In fact, I’ll probably picket it.

  • Sarah

    Bummer. This place is owned by a jerk and the food is just sad. I wish a good deli would come instead, actually I wish there was a good deli anywhere within 20 miles of 14th&U


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