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Ramen World 2 next Sunday – Get a “‘sneak slurp’ of Bantam King” coming to Chinatown this Spring

by Prince Of Petworth February 16, 2016 at 11:30 am 13 Comments


From a press release:

“Mess Hall – Washington DC’s premiere food incubator based in Brookland, is pleased to present ‘Ramen World 2’, a collaborative and community-driven culinary event taking place on Sunday, February 28th, 2016 featuring some of the area’s most celebrated chefs, restaurants, live entertainers, artisans, and most importantly – ramen masters. Two timeslots will be offered this time around for the event, with the first round beginning at Noon and ending at 2:00PM. There will be a break for chefs to reset and restock, and the second round will begin promptly at 4:00PM and will end at 6:00PM.

Ramen World 2 will highlight the same local noodle powerhouses featured last year, with some new additions: Ramen World co-founder Erik Bruner-Yang of Toki Underground is returning after a successful launch of his second H street restaurant, Maketto. Myo Htun of Chaplin’s is back as well, and will be joined by newcomers Jonah Kim & Mike Isabella’s shared Ballston eatery Yona. Patrice Cleary’s Purple Patch will also be included in this year’s line-up.

And returning to the ‘Ramen World’ scene is celebrated Chef Katsuya Fukushima of critically acclaimed Daikaya Ramen & Izakaya in Washington DC. Except this year with two upcoming restaurant openings in the books – Haikan and Bantam King – both slated to open this spring from Daikaya partners Daisuke Utagawa, Katsuya Fukushima, and Yama Jewayni –– Chef Fukushima and team will be offering the first ever ‘sneak slurp’ of Bantam King at ‘Ramen World 2’. Once opened this spring, Bantam King will be serving up Japanese chicken ramen in addition to Japanese fried chicken.

And ‘Ramen World 2’ won’t end at serving up ramen this year; guests can look forward to savory dishes from Thip Khao, PhoWheels, and Donburi’s newest mobile food venture. Kirin Ichiban will provide unlimited beer, while True Syrups, Shrub District, and Traveling Sideshow Cocktails craft unique cocktails using Tito’s Vodka and Mezcal El Silencio. Desserts will be provided by Toli Moli, a new Burmese falooda shoppe, and the Taiwanese fusion shaved ice makers at SnoCreamCompany. Ticket donations and fundraising collected during this event will go to Ramen World’s charitable partner Miriam’s Kitchen. Additional participants will be announced at a later date.

This event will highlight some of the most popular and renowned brands in the DC metropolitan area, in addition to fostering relationships between chefs, restaurants, Mess Hall’s producers, and the public. This collaboration embodies Mess Hall’s core values.

Tickets are $65-105 and can be purchased here.”

  • Toin

    This is the most confusing press release ever.

    • How so?

      • AG

        Definitely not most confusing ever, but they go on for so long and never really explain what the event is and how it will be set up. Are they all tasting stations with samples from each chef? Full bowls of ramen? A comprehensive, collaborative meal? I mean, what exactly is a “community-driven culinary event” anyway?

  • loganhc

    Next Sunday, not this Sunday.

  • Philippe Lecheval

    For that much $, it had better make my eyes roll back in my head like that wave of bile on the flyer.

    • Anon

      You know you don’t have to be bitter, right?

    • andy

      These events always sound sort of fun until you get to the price…

      There is no ramen(!)-based “culinary event” I will spend that much for. Some tiny fraction is for the actual product (dude, that’ll get me 100-200 packs of Maruchan! – this isn’t the same, but IT STILL IS RAMEN AFTER ALL) and the rest is for the “ambiance” and sense that you’re “in on something.” $20 still feels like a ripoff to me.

      If there are enough people who buy tickets to support these prices, great for the people putting it on, but you won’t ever see me there.

      • I went last year. It’s not just ramen. In fact, more than half of the dishes were not ramen. It’s really more a gathering of many of the better / trendy Asian influenced restaurants in DC, most of them making some sort of noodle dish. It was oversold last year, in fact that was one of the few real problems. I think that’s partly why they split it into two time slots this year. So yes, there are plenty of people willing to spend $65 on it.

  • jim_ed

    “The premiere food incubator based in Brookland” is a pretty low bar to clear. Maybe I should start referring to myself as “the handsomest man married to my wife” in my professional bio?

    • textdoc


    • andy

      add it to your dating profile and you’re all set.

  • This is Awkward

    I want this in so many ways, but in no way could I eat enough to feel I wasn’t wasting money. Also, at events like these, there is absolutely no happy medium between eating enough to “get my money’s worth” and not eating so much that shame and indigestion ruin the day. Curse this flyer for making me excited and then my brain slapping me with the cold fish of reality.


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