Fundraiser for Zack & Andrea who lost their home in the Truxton Circle Collapse

by Prince Of Petworth February 26, 2016 at 2:00 pm 4 Comments

via gofundme

Thanks to all who passed on from gofundme:

“On February 24, Zack and I experienced most people’s worst nightmare. We were evacuated from our home on a few moments’ notice for our own safety. Within an hour, we were alerted to the terrifying fact that we would never live their again, and many of our possessions had been destroyed. The middle section of the three-story building where five of us had been living collapsed from negligent construction nextdoor.

We have now been informed that the city of DC will conduct a piecemeal demolition of our home, and we will only be able to salvage priceless items. Not only are we homeless and possessionless, but we feel emotionally and physically destroyed. I know some people feel these fund sites are tacky, but this is what the are designed for–to help people in crisis. We are fighting tooth-and-nail with the insurance companies…but they are not quick to offer up cash to assist in things like food, toiletries, transportation, and putting a deposit down on a new apartment. We thank everyone for their support and I can honestly tell you I have never felt more defeated in my adult life.”

Comments (4)

  1. “We have now been informed that the city of DC will conduct a piecemeal demolition of our home, and we will only be able to salvage priceless items.” That is terrible. Maybe I’m too attached to my stuff, but I would find that really, really traumatic.

  2. +1. That’s just awful.

  3. This has to be the most horrifying thing I can imagine. It’s even worse than a fire – at least in a fire, it’s happening so quickly that there’s really nothing you can do. In this case, to know that most of their things are still there but that they still can’t recover them – just absolutely awful. I’ll certainly swing by the page and make a donation.

  4. A couple ran out of their house with out any possessions. This would require a lot of cash up front to get back on your feet. example: a friend of mine had had her house burn to the ground due to a dryer fire. she ran out of the house in the middle of the night wearing a t-shirt and bathrobe. The only thing she had time to grab was her phone on the way out. She couldn’t go to work the next day because she didn’t have shoes. A neighbor lent her some pants but didn’t have any shoes in her size. As you can image the first thing you do after these kinds of things is go spend a lot of money. Money you probably didn’t plan on spending. And this type of scenario could take a while for insurance to pay out. I’d imagine that their insurance won’t want to pay and will fight with the builders for a while.


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