• jcm

    Bring back Au Pied de Cochon please.

    • ExWalbridgeGuy

      Ah the memories. Au Pied was the first restaurant/bar in which I ever had a drink because I was a young looking teenager that could never get by anywhere with a fake ID. But Au Pied didn’t even bother checking and was happy to serve an obvious teenager.

      • MarkQ

        Au Pied yes. The food was nothing special but when Georgetown-DuPont-Adams Morgan was the center of the DC nightlife universe in the 90s, every weekend night seemed to end up at Au Pied.

        • monkeyrotica

          I miss the Pig’s Foot more than I miss being 12 years old.

    • jeff

      Bring back Philly Pizza and Philly Cheesesteak, please

    • Big Max


    • jumpingjack


      • Anon


    • saf

      Wouldn’t that be lovely.

    • llucas

      So many memories from the 80s.

    • Aglets


    • Caleb

      I never went to this Five Guys in protest of it no longer being Au Pied de Cochon–a true modern day Georgetown legend.

  • hmr

    Please spare us a pizza place. Now that the liquor moratorium is about to be lifted, let the bar come back to life.

  • Rich

    Never like this one. Hasn’t seemed busy when I’ve been in the area.

    • Dan

      Try 2AM.

  • Sign of the times

    The closing is most certainly linked to the demise of the Georgetown bar scene and the eastward trend of the city’s nightlife.

    As a historical note, I believe that this location was one of the first before the chain went national.

    • jd

      Georgetown bar scene? That was decades ago. Five Guys is not dependent upon late night drinkers. 5 guys is passe- people don’t want it anymore.

    • anon_1

      the Rte 7 location near Bailey’s Crossroads was the first.

      • Dan

        Nah, wasn’t it the one on Route 1 south of old town right next to the McDonalds?

  • SG

    Believe it or not, Five Guys everywhere are having trouble. Their prices have skyrocketed, there’s not much novelty, and there’s way more competition than ever. I think this will unfortunately be a common occurrence. I personally LOVE Five Guys and would hate to see it go.

    • jd

      The fast casual burger is going the way of the cupcake and froyo. Just like toasted subs 10 years ago. How many quiznos are still around.

      Anyway – I vote for a bar!

      • Chuck

        Well said. Remember when cupcakes were all the rage? I wonder how many of these pizza joints will last.

    • Rich

      They’ve never done a good job of monitoring their franchises–some are just awful.

      • monkeyrotica

        MOST are just awful. Their franchising model is a mess: you can’t own just one franchise, you have to buy SEVERAL within a given franchise region. So unless you’re flush with cash and have a solid crew, you can’t possibly manage quality control at all your stores. The 5G on Rt 1 south of Old Town is the only one I go to. The manager runs a tight ship, takes orders, swabs the floor, tosses fries that aren’t up to his standards, etc.

      • Aglets

        They also franchised too fast i think.

  • Meese is a Pig!

    Vivre Au Pied! (although this would make a fantastic location for a Commander Salamander…. ;-)

  • Jerry Grundle

    I think they just expanded way too far and fast. They’re all over the country now. I used to go to this location and the one in Gallery Place occasionally. Ten years ago, this sort of burger joint was still a novelty.

  • Nathan

    I remember many find nights drinking beers here before walking over to Smith Point….then back for late night burgers.

    • Nathan


  • ECfromDC

    I mean Five Guys is good but there’s no shortage of better burger spots in Georgetown and nearby.


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