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  • What, no reuben?

  • AJ

    My issue with them is that flavor always seems to get lost because they pile just so much on to the sandwich that it becomes a cacophony of flavors, sometimes its hard to distinguish one sandwich from another there

    • sproc

      Agree for the more complicated ones, and I’ll add that they’re usually over-dressed as well. I’m still a big fan of the Callowhill and Ben Franklin, though. Can’t go wrong with meat, marinara sauce and provolone.

  • Anonymous

    Can someone explain to me why there is not a Taylor Gourmet in Petworth? Tons of new restaurants going coming in, but not much on the fast-casual front. A Taylor Gourmet, Sweet Greens, 5 Guys or Chipotle would do a killing. There is currently space available in Park Place and the new Farenheight Building.

    • petworther

      I’m betting something goes in at the new Farenheight building.

    • Llama

      I’ve wondered the same thing. Taylor Gourmet or Roti would be nice, wouldn’t mind a Sweet Green or Chop’t either. Should be room for at least 2 near metro.

    • Guillermo Brown

      Yes, any one of those places would do great in Petworth. Not a lot of fast casual options in the neighborhood. I vote Taylor Gourmet!

    • textdoc

      I still think that we’re unlikely to get any chain fast-casual establishments until we have a non-grocery-store Starbucks. Isn’t Starbucks usually the first “fancy” chain to move into a neighborhood?

    • MMMkay

      I think it’s because it’s not really a weekday lunch neighborhood, right? Not as many people around Petworth in the middle of a weekday.

  • Anon

    Don’t care what they put inside the sandwiches since their bread is *always* stale.

  • MiddleofNowhere

    We were pretty disappointed with our Taylor sandwiches last time we went – before Christmas. They put something (a spice? spices?) in the falafel and meatballs and it was just overpowering in terms of taste and heat. Bleech. Won’t ever order those sandwiches again.

  • anon

    Brussels, with an “s” sprouts.
    Maybe a spellczech sandwich

    And nothing says winter like cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers.

  • Nicky

    Every time I see anything with bang bang sauce, all I can think about is William Hung singing “She Bangs.”

  • No brussels

    14th st ran out of brussels last night.

    • ***

      that’s so DC

  • Leah K.

    Bread to toppings ratio *never* in-line with the photos. All.the.bread.

    • Haha yeah, their sandwiches never actually looked that good even back when they were making a better product.

  • Anon

    Finally gave up on Taylor after multiple delivery screwups. Really, nothing was ever completely correct. The final straw was when they delivered an order with different sides than we ordered and one out of 2 sandwiches was wrong — after about 2 hours of waiting. The delivery guy was a complete jerk about it and just hopped in his car and sped away. The other sandwich (Ben Franklin) was so salty it was inedible. The entire order just went in the trash. When I called the 14th Street location the manager offered the remake the order but couldn’t promise that it would be redelivered within an hour. So I told him I just wanted a refund. Predictably, the charge went through anyway so I wound up having to dispute it with my credit card company.
    As Justin points out, their product used to be better, and I’d argue that no one there is keeping an eye on their service.

    • It’s truly amazing how often food orders get screwed up (not just at Taylor, but everywhere). Understandably it’s a relatively low skill profession, but few other industries so repeatedly exhibit a DGAF attitude as the food service business.

  • Mike

    As folks above have mentioned, overall quality has dropped off (in a big way) and that’s disappointing. When Taylor first opened up on H St, it was a really high quality, Philly-style “hoagie” shop that I would have happily brought out of town friends to – something that I wouldn’t do now as it has evolved into a fast-casual chain.

    More curious to me is why they modified their concept. I understand the desire to expand ($$), but when they opened, they were modeled closely after (as I said above) a Philly-style, Italian-American hoagie shop. Chicken cutlets, roast pork, prosciutto, meatballs, broccoli rabe, hot cherry peppers, etc. Oil and vinegar as the lone condiment, and never any mayo. This was a very unique concept here in DC and I feel like they would have been just as successful in their expansion if they stuck to this. Now, though the cutlets and roast pork (and meatballs etc.) still remain, things are much different. The roast pork used to be modeled after Italian roast pork – garlic, rosemary, fennel. It’s now a citrus braise (think – cuban sandwiches in terms of seasoning). Every single seasonal sandwich seems to pile on the aioli/mayo/jerk sauce/goat cheese/”bang bang sauce/etc. giving everything a very, for lack of a better term, GLOOPY feeling.

    Probably ranted on too long about this. Oh well. Good for the owners, I just selfishly wish they would not have veered into upscale Quiznos territory, which is (for better or worse) how I generally view them these days.

    • Dognonymous

      Agree completely. Thought their menu took a huge hit when they cut about half of the originals–mostly the pork and cutlet offerings–and started doing the overloaded seasonal sandwiches, none of which I’ve really enjoyed. I just hope they never ditch the Broad Street.

  • taylor

    No one’s mentioned that they raised in the price on all large sandwiches by $1.50? They’re now $11.99. I assume regulars got a similar like.

    • taylor


  • ECfromDC

    Never been but these sammies look GOOD!


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