• Sheik Yerbouti

    Dude, you’re old.

    • BigPuddin

      Nah, that’s a rip-off.

      Well..actually he may be old, but that’s still a rip-off.

  • 20011

    $5 at Showtime and Codmother, $6 at Red Derby and Bravo…

    • Petworth dude

      Also $6 at the Looking Glass

    • Ok so I may be old but I’m not losing my mind – thank you!!

      • saf

        It sneaks up on you, you know. One day, you turn around and you are old. Sorry.

    • NorthbyNE

      It’s $6 at Bravo Bar AND they throw in a hot dog!

    • Ted

      Russia House: Six rubles for polonium-flavored vodka

      Too soon?

  • John Brandis

    At any decent bar a combo is $6. Simple Bar has the best Combo deal. I’ll let you look that one up.

    A&D has $10 combos. They used to give you a tallboy but now it’s I think they just give you a regular 12 oz. beer. People like that place.

    • Wandy Rittman

      Can vouch for Simple Bar. Last time I was there I got a can of Fat Tire and a shot of rail whiskey for $6.

    • anon

      nice! looks like my type of joint!

  • HillEast

    Chesapeake Room also charges $13 for Irish coffee. Which means a shot of Jame-o is somehow $10, in the morning.

  • cordonbleu

    Chesapeake Room is just plain overpriced. Once ordered an old fashioned and got a (literally) half-full rocks glass for $13.

  • It’s been $10 in most of the places I’ve seen in DC for at least 5 years, if not longer. I think it typically just scales with whatever the other stuff at the bar is priced, so naturally in cheaper dives you’re going to see it priced less.

    • SF

      With the caveat that I mostly frequent the dives I can’t imagine $10 being the norm for a shot and beer special now, let alone five years ago. These are typically something like Jameson & a PBR so $10 wouldn’t even be savings. Also nicer places aren’t really “shot & a beer” joints anyway.

  • Joe

    Dan, you’re right on. $10is silly.

    Desperados on U St.: $6.

    The Raven in Mt. P: $6, cash

    Codmother: $6, fish-flavored PBR & attitude

    18th ST Lounge: Ale and a cognac for six fur-rimmed bitcoins

    Town House Tavern: Formerly $6 for beer, shot, and means to stay awake for 72 hours I feel really good, man, I fell REALLY GOOD!

    The former Li’l Pub: $0.60 for a beer and hepatitis.

  • Anonymous

    Depends what type of beer and shot it is. That could make all the difference in price.


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