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Serious Streetscape Love Coming to 7th Street from N to Florida Ave – Expect Some Traffic Issues

by Prince Of Petworth January 14, 2016 at 3:40 pm 20 Comments

7th and Florida Ave, NW

From DDOT:

“Temporary Traffic Lane Changes on 7th Street NW Begin January 19 for Streetscape Project
Commuters advised to seek alternate routes

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) will alter the traffic patterns on 7th Street, NW, from N Street to Florida Avenue for a construction project that begins Tuesday, January 19, 2016, at 7 am, weather permitting. The work is expected to continue until January 2017.

The change in traffic patterns is necessary for the Streetscape Project around the Howard Theater area. Work will be extensive and includes the installation of new streetlights, traffic signals and landscaping along 7th Street. The improvements also include new sidewalks, ramps, curbs, gutters, multiuse meters, catch basins and bike racks. New trees will be planted and the roadway will be milled and overlayed.

Although traffic will be maintained throughout the corridor, there will be temporary closures of traffic lanes, parking lanes and the sidewalk.Curbside parking will be restricted while work is underway.

Emergency No Parking signs will be posted a minimum of 72 hours before the start of construction. Sidewalk detours will also be in place while sidewalk repair is in progress. Signage and protective barriers will be used to maintain public safety.

Motorists should expect delays, and are advised to seek alternative routes. DDOT encourages all who travel in this area to stay alert and to obey all construction signs.”

  • fx

    Any chance that Boostmobile store will go away??? It always plays obnoxiously loud music, and it is not the most pleasant place to walk by…

    • eva

      Ha! I was just thinking that I hope that store doesn’t get gentrified away. The music and random dancing characters always make my long waits on my bike at that light a little more amusing.

      I could do without the CVS parking lot though, mostly for the cars that pull in and out of it with no indication whatsoever.

      • rockyartdc

        +1 The music on the corner always brings a smile to my face.

    • Dan

      Aw, come on. I’m a white guy from outside of DC, and I think Gogo music is great. Especially at high volume. And where else but the corner of 7th and Florida? I think amplified music OF ANY KIND adds some flavor to the street.

      Agree with other posters that the CVS parking lot is the real problem. Saw MPD shooing people away Wednesday when I walked by.

  • ST21

    Good move honestly. More lighting and cleaning up that area is much needed.

    DC really needs to look at more lighting throughout the Shaw and U Street area. The neighborhoods have evolved into vibrant nightlife corridors so the city might as well promote that. I always find it charming when a few blocks have festive white lights stretching overhead from one side of the street to the other in areas like U Street. I am not saying do it throughout the neighborhood because I’m sure residents wouldn’t love that. But it would look cool to have that type of thing going down U street in between each blow from maybe 14th Street to 7th street. It could really brighten up that area at night, which it definitely needs.

    • Anonymous

      I think DC needs to remove a bunch of streetlights, actually. Too much light pollution as it is.

      • Anomalous

        Someone would suggest this in a city with this much crime? You should stick that idea in a place with no light pollution.

  • Ashley

    That corner is historic. You can’t take every bit of culture from this city.

    • jd

      Ashley, that’s the plan. They want this to be Wilson Blvd part 2.

      • nust

        This sounds oddly racist.

    • jaybird

      The whole neighborhood is historic. What culture are you referring to?

  • Georgetown Dweller

    Shaw gets everything

    • Anonymous

      Your neighborhood got EVERYTHING for the past 50+ years. Step off.

  • Anon

    They did a great job on 18th St in Adams Morgan. If 7th ends up that nice it will be a huge improvement.

    • AMDCer

      Agreed – short-term pain for long-term gain.

      • siz

        absolutely, 18th street is so much more pleasant to bike and walk along now!

  • Grand Pa of DC

    No electrification can be erected over the streets, alleys and avenues of the city of Washington according to Federal Law.

  • Steve

    There is nothing historic about a very run down phone store. The area around 7th St./Georgia Avenue has changed tremendously, but there continues to be a lot of drug trafficking and usage in this specific area. In this case, change is a good thing. The contrast with stores peddling $420 sneakers is a bit jarring, though.

  • pru

    Redoing the streetscape without putting in bike infrastructure other than bike racks is very sad. I need bike lanes to even care about bike racks.

  • R Smith

    Y’all move into our neighborhood and want to change everything. The store has been there for years and isn’t bothering a soul.


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