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  • Anon

    Sorry this happened to you. That’s a great camera — would you mind sharing what you use? I need to set one up at my front door.

    • LMatt_in_NE

      +1 — I’d also like to know what camera you use

    • Philippe Lecheval

      I don’t know what the OP uses and this might not be the highest quality solution, but you can get a decent surveillance camera on Amazon for as little as $70 that shoots in HD, is accessible online, has night vision capabilities, and will store video on an SD card or in the cloud.

  • anon

    What’s the point of security cameras that capture the tops of people’s heads?

    • oh2dc

      From :12 to :15 is not terrible, but this at least gets a description of the guy. Any other neighboring cameras in the area could have a better shot of a guy in a black coat with a black cap carrying a blue bag around this time (and if after this, a box this size). It is not open and shut, but it is a lot more useful than not having it. Especially, if they do catch him and have this evidence to make a case. It could also help with any potential insurance claims.

      • oh2dc

        Also see response from @AA at 3:43 pm

    • AngelaGirken

      More importantly, what’s the point of security cameras when criminals absolutely DNGAF because the chances of them getting caught are so abysmal? I get that package theft is a comparably insignificant thing (compared to, say, the ajacent article about someone pulling a knife at Wendy’s) but this is so disappointing. DC seems to be losing whatever tenuous grip it’s ever had on civilized society as all levels of criminals feel they can get away with whatever they want.

      • wdc

        This. You could get a crystal-clear picture of his face, and audio of him giving his name and address, and chances are very slim anything would happen to him.

        • Cassie

          At least in Ward 6, the police and DA will get convictions for package thieves caught with good camera footage.

    • Philippe Lecheval

      If you watch it on a large display at 1080p, you can see his face very clearly. He would be easily recognized if you saw him again. There are lots of other details that one could use to positively identify this thief.
      Now does MPD give a F? That’s a whole other story.

  • The OP Anon

    OP, chain up your table and chairs. Those are ripe for the taking and look quite nice. Nice patio furniture gets stolen all the time.

    • textdoc

      I had the same thought (though I was assuming that the table/chairs were already chained and it just wasn’t obvious from the photo).

  • Taylor

    Sorry this happened. If it’s an option, it can be safer to have your parcels delivered to your office or place or work. In addition, companies like UPS and Fedex often prioritize deliveries to commercial addresses so you may get your item faster.

    • oh2dc

      Not an option for people who work for the Federal government.

  • AA

    Sorry to see this. I’m one of your neighbors and I recognize this guy. He often walks past my house. Will definitely notify the police next time I see him.

    • Brooklyn Brawler


  • Jen O’Neil

    OP – I am missing a package that USPS tracking says was delivered to my apartment in Dupont on Monday afternoon. Could you message me as to your cross streets in Dupont? I think I may have found where my Christmas presents went :(


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