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Please Keep an Eye Out for Yuri; More Snow Pups and a Snow Bear

by Prince Of Petworth January 26, 2016 at 3:30 pm 11 Comments

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“Lost in Rock Creek park, between Ridge rd, Ross drive and the creek, on Monday January 18 around 4pm. Collar with tags and phone number. Lost Dog Yuri: 703.967.7463″

Yuri Missing (PDF)

Maggie of 16th Street Heights by Matt Coyne

Photo by PoPville flickr user kellybdc

From Mount Pleasant, photo and sculpting by Erica and friend

  • It would be so helpful to other dog owners to let us know how exactly dogs get lost (i.e. slipped a collar, dashed out the door, went under a fence while out in the yard.) Good luck with Yuri! With all this snow, I’d think he wouldn’t go to far from where he was lost, but he’s been missing for a week?

    • Timebomb

      It would be helpful, but it’d also draw all kinds of criticism and accusations of them being terrible dog-owners. So I don’t blame PoP and/or Yuri’s people for not elaborating.

      • Everything on any blog always draws criticism and accusations always, so hopefully people can just accept that and still post helpful information. I’ve had dogs, and fosters for years, and am still surprised at all the ways they can escape.

        • Timebomb

          Fair point.

        • JoDa

          My dog just climbed a snow drift in our yard and jumped over our fence! He knows better, but he REALLY wanted to go say hi to the neighbors (they have a dog, too). He’s been out there all weekend and no problems. All of a sudden…boom, before I could clamber through the snow to stop him (and he was not listening to that “in,” “no,” or “come” I was barking at him as soon as I saw him scoping out the jump).
          We can train, restrain, supervise and be cautious, but unexpected things still happen. I’ve tripped and fallen while walking him and dropped his leash in the fall (thankfully, he didn’t run, he came to see if I was okay…err, at least figure out why I was laying on the sidewalk). Accidents happen. Judgy people who likely don’t even have dogs will usually be right there to tell you how that would NEVER happen to them!
          As far as what happened? Who knows, but if you can dream up a way for a dog to get loose, they’ve probably thought about it already. You really just have to be prepared for anything! For basics, make sure their collar fits, if they have an oddly-shaped head that makes it easy to slip a collar use a harness (either the normal kind, or gentle leader-type if they’re also a puller), and make sure that the collar/harness and leash are sturdy and check them to make sure they’re in good condition regularly. Recall training helps, but if a dog sets their mind to going somewhere, it might fail. My dog immediately runs to my door if I snap my fingers and say “in”…no amount of that or anything else was going to stop him from jumping our fence earlier!

    • DF

      Was lost in Rock Creek Park. Probably one of the countless off leash dogs who got away. I see them every time I’m out there.

    • irene antonucci

      His Dad brought him to Western Ridge Trail in Rock Creek park as he has many times He was off leash and took off probably after a deer and did not return

  • Emmaleigh504

    I hope Yuri gets found soon!
    Maggie and the tiny dog both look like they are ready to go inside where it;s warm and dry. (I may be projecting.)
    Nice bear.

  • Anon

    Yuri makes me so sad!! I hope someone took him in before the blizzard and is just trying to locate the owner :( My heart goes out to them

  • irene antonucci
  • irene antonucci

    https://twitter.com/lostdogyuridc please create a hashtag with the same name #lostdogyuridc…………..PLEASE TWITTER


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