Ivy & Coney Gussies Up Front Door with some Choice Hipster Generated Restaurant Names

by Prince Of Petworth January 7, 2016 at 4:00 pm 13 Comments

Door at 1537 7th Street, NW courtesy Ivy & Coney

You gotta kick up it up a notch when one of the best bars in the city plans on moving in next door. And kick it up a notch Ivy & Coney has – not just with the new roof deck but also a new menu and now an even better front door – I’m partial to “Blossom & Throne”. Well done I & C – well done!


  • Patrick Division

    I’m going to be really disappointed if Twig & Berries doesn’t make an appearance here.


  • Philippe Lecheval

    I wonder how many names of real DC restaurants/bars they inadvertently put on there.

  • TJ

    How self-aware of them (in the most nauseatingly hipsterest way).

    • Josh, Ivy

      How boring of you (in the most revoltingly square way). #jokesaresohipster

  • skj84

    I’m sure Fish & Barrel exists somewhere. And I think Wine & Justice is awesome. I would totally use that as a name for my non existent wine bar on Capitol Hill. Blocks away from the Supreme Court!

  • Throg the Impaler

    love it when a chill bar riles up people on the Internet for being too ‘hipster’. whatever that means. @TJ

  • madmonk28

    Wine and Justice sounds like the name of a Lifetime Network detective show.

  • Pontor

    Speaking of awesome names

    • Pontor

      Well, that was supposed to go under Throg the Impaler. Sigh.

  • Anonymouse

    The ampersand naming is a hot trend right now. I can’t really figure out if Ivy & Coney was so named because of the trend or in a cheeky defiance of it. But I’m leaning toward the former, which, if true, would sort of blunt the cool self-awareness thing going on here.

  • MtP

    I love it – much better than their old door. Also, I have consistently said that Ivy & Coney is overrated, but I had a great time the last time I was there. The roof deck is awesome and helps with the crowding.

    • Anonymous

      Ya it is amazing what you can do with other people’s tax money

  • Lisa

    Apologies if this is a given in this conversation but to give credit where credit is due: http://www.hipsterbusiness.name/#


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