PoPville Preview – Ivy and Coney Opening Jan. 1st in Shaw

by Prince Of Petworth December 27, 2013 at 10:30 am 30 Comments

1537 7th Street, NW

Well they haven’t opened up yet but we have a strong contender for future best dive bar in town – Ivy and Coney opens January 1st:

“The Team from Ivy And Coney is happy to announce our official opening date will be January 1st/New Years Day!

To get things started we will open early at 10am for our version of brunch with a small bowl of Fruit Loops – possibly milk- and a shot of Jameson and all the Hot Dogs you can eat!

We will have all the liquor we promised (including Malort) and on tap 312, Two Hearted, Old Style-ish, and Strohs in Cans. Prices start at $3 and stop at $6!

The home of Mediocre Beer and Great Hot Dogs is ready for you!”

back seating (including TV and nintendo)

The no frills spot is getting rarer and rarer in these parts so I’m super psyched for this spot. It doesn’t hurt that it comes from one of the owners of KBC (among others).

So a quick layout – it’s located on the second floor – you walk up the stairs and there is a big bar toward the right with some additional seating facing 7th Street. In the back is a lounge area that also has a tv – there are three big tvs for Cubs and Tigers fans. Of course they will show other sports but those folks have preference. In the summer there will be a roof deck off the back. To start there will be hotdogs but you can see the menu here (including drinks.) You will find no artisanal goat cheese here – you will however find some sweet sweet wallpaper. A welcome addition to the revival to the Shaw!


Tons more photos after the jump.

Cash only

liquor lockers can be rented with purchase of $100 bucks of liquor a month

For the refined palate

Sparky Anderson

“Ball 3 and he walks him!”

bar towards back




Detroit and Chicago celebrities may or may not have signed these photos

future roof deck will be open by summer



second floor looking down

Marvin Gaye quote

Blues Brothers

front door

7th Street looking north

  • hma

    great door

  • That Man A

    That retractable roof just seems to be everythign this bar is not

    • Yeah, I really don’t think of liquor lockers when someone mentions dive bar either.

  • Anonymous

    woo hoo!

  • ledroittiger

    Pretty awesome. A ton of bars in Chi-town have dumped Goose Island since it was bought out by anheuser busch though.

    • Anonymous

      Goose Island was always overrated, anyway.
      Does anyone else get the impression that this place is trying too hard?

      • Anonymous

        Exactly what I was just thinking (the “trying too hard” thing). No true “dive bar” has ever been hyped this much in the history of ever.

      • The regular line of Goose Island beers has always been “OK”, better than their new owners product for sure. It’s their barrel aged stuff that’s really off the charts good.

  • Emilie504

    My idea of a dive bar and DC’s idea of a dive bar are on 2 different planets.

    • +1. Still laughing at the dive bar designation given to the Big Hunt.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I don’t think dive bar is the best description for this place. Especially with the roof top portion. Way too much thought put into the decor. Perhaps best affordable bar in town?

    • Anonymous

      Exactly. The only way a place could be a “future best dive bar” is if it was old.

      • Anonymous

        Good point. Only the passage of time can endow “dive” status upon an establishment.

  • Anonymous

    This place is either going to be super awesome, or so overwrought with hippsterism that anybody hoping for a real, down-to-earth bar with a Detroit vibe will turn around and walk back out the door.

  • nona

    The only true dive bar in the area is in Rockville and it’s called Hank Dietle’s.

    • Anonymous

      oh my. my parents, now both passed away, used to talk about their own version of living on the edge by going out to hank dietle’s as teenagers :)

  • Anonymous

    Pretty nice for a dive bar! But yeah, serve cheap beer and good dogs & I will be here all the time. With my Cubs and Tigers friends in tow.

  • Meet 4 out of the 5 criteria below

    My qualifications for a true dive bar: (1.) in operation for at least 20 years, (2.) well worn/graffiti’d/disgusting bathrooms, (3.) no beer fancier than a Heineken, which is never bought by anyone (feeble attempt at product diversity), (4.) filled with vaguely criminal/sketchy characters, and (5.) thrift store quality furnishings.

    • anon

      Yup, see Hank Dietle’s, as posted above. Also, they only have red and white wine (no wine list) and the wine is served in single serving plastic bottles. And nobody ever orders it.

      • Anonymous

        Ah yes, the “Red or White?” options for wine. A telltale sign of the truly tasteless.

        • Anonymous

          that’s a question i prefer to reserve for clam chowder

  • Anon

    “This place is either going to be super awesome, or so overwrought with hippsterism that anybody hoping for a real, down-to-earth bar with a Detroit vibe will turn around and walk back out the door.”

    To echo that sentiment, as a native Chicagoan and current Shaw resident, I reserve the right to publicly shame anyone who refers to Chicago as “Chi-Town”.

    Here’s my question – will there or won’t there be Old Style in Cubbie cans? Not sure what “-ish” means….

    • Anonymous

      It means that Old Style isn’t actually carried by any distributors in this area, so unless someone hauls some in from someplace else, there will be no Old Style.

      • HarrietCaray

        This is a crying shame. What’s next!? No Vienna Beef hot dogs…?

  • bb

    Umm, which Nintendo games will I be able to play?

  • Anon

    This place looks like if they had a bar inside an Urban Outfitters

    • Lily

      Haha yes.

  • jack fry (grandpa)

    you can send our cubs tickets to Bob Fry

  • Anonymous

    Why don’t they open on NYE, instead of New Year’s day? Would be great to go there tonight.

  • Lily

    This place is trying so hard it hurts. And dive bars do not tend to receive 80,000 dollar grants from the city.


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