Holy Sh*t – Sherman Circle Edition

by Prince Of Petworth January 12, 2016 at 11:10 am 25 Comments


Matthew asks:

“Who empties the garbage at Sherman Cr? Both bins are overflowing and it’s disgraceful”

I know the National Parks Service oversees the circle but does anyone know who’s responsible for the trash cans? Is that NPS too? Or DC’s DPW?

Ed. Note: Silver lining – at least we know dog walkers are picking up after their charges!

  • bruno

    This well illustrates how DC has become a dig city. I never recall seeing this, say, fifteen or twenty years ago. It’s an excellent illustration of the trend towards more dogs, whatever you think of that trend :^)

    • bruno

      I mean “dog” city… dig it.

    • Jamin Jimmy

      It would have been all over the grass. People in DC didn’t pick up after dogs 15-20 years ago.


    The National Park Service or whoever does it for them must be behind on emptying the trash on multiple parks. I was at Bunker Hill Park, which is part of the Rock Creek Park system, this morning in Brookland and it was similarly overflowing.

  • BWS

    Dog owners/walkers should throw their dog sh*t in their own trash cans. How can someone think it is acceptable to place a bag of sh*t near, on, or around an overflowing public trash can?

    • Zizus_creative

      you are joking, right?

    • John

      +1000. Shame on the dog owners for making a bad situation worse. They should take it home and put it in their own trash until the collection problem gets resolved.

    • Anon Spock

      At least walk it to another can.

      • Zizus_creative

        i’ve been contributing to this pile everyday, twice a day actually

        • anon

          why? there are plenty of garbage cans around the city you really can’t hold to walk a few hundred yards and not contribute to the mess?

          • Zizus_creative

            are you familiar with the trashcan situation around the circle or you are just here to preach?

          • Anon Spock

            Then walk a bit further to get to a passable can. Why is that concept difficult or foreign to you?

      • ah

        +1. We’re blaming NPS for not clearing out a trashcan, but giving a pass to dog owners who can’t be bothered to go to the next trash can or take it home? I don’t have a problem using an empty trashcan for their poop in a bag, but what justifies turning it into a big poop pile?

        • Zizus_creative

          if it is not a pile they don’t come to pickup the trashcan. they wait and wait until it turns into this or people’s complain. anymore brain busters?

          • anon

            so quit using it? is causing a bigger mess really going to solve the problem? No. So just carry around the freaking bag of dog poop until you get home.

          • textdoc

            Apparently rats looooove dog poop. I bet they appreciate the easy access they receive when dog owners leave baggies next to the trash can rather than carrying them to the next trash can.

  • jcm

    At least it’s all piled up near the trash cans. My neighborhood streets are full of litter. It’s the number one thing I like least about my otherwise-great neighborhood.

    • ah

      Sad that standards have gotten so low that “near a trash can” is lauded.

    • textdoc

      Amen, JCM. It’s incredibly frustrating.

    • AmyM

      I’ve noticed this happening with increasing frequency on my block. Dog owners will pick up after their pets, so it’s not on the sidewalk…but then throw the baggie on the ground in the general vicinity of the trash can. (Most people keep at least one or two cans out in front of the house.) WHY. WHY THE HELL. Yesterday I had to go outside with gloves on and pick up several of these offerings. I know this has been discussed here before so many of us disagree on this point, but I don’t mind at all when dog owners put the baggies in one of my trash cans. It’s better than having to clean up a mess in my landscaping, or pick sacks of dog doo off the stoop.

      • If the choice is in my trash can or on my steps then sure I would rather dog owners put it in my trash can, but it should never come to that.

  • Angry Parakeet

    Too many dogs. Owners should put feces in their own trash. Perhaps that would be an education on what an environmental burden they have become.

    • anon

      I put my two dogs’ poop in my trash can every week. It hasn’t provided my any sort of education on being an “environmental burden.” I put it in the trash can on Tuesday night and people come Wednesday morning and make it disappear.

  • also anon

    Tweet at DCDPW or call 311 to ask. I doubt they’re reading Popville to answer questions like this. If it’s not DPWs job maybe they can tell you who to call at NPS.

  • anonymous

    The issue is the size of the receptacle and how infrequently it’s emptied. That’s what keeps parks and streets clean, that, and picking up after your pet. Blaming those disposing of trash for not holding onto it or disposing of it elsewhere doesn’t solve the problem, but feel welcome to go clean it up yourself if you feel strongly about it!


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