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Opening Late Summer, “The Bird will be a poultry-centric, “Beak to Toe” restaurant, showcasing vegetables from EatWell DC’s own farm in La Plata MD”

by Prince Of Petworth January 12, 2016 at 10:40 am 37 Comments

1337 11th Street, NW

Lot more info on The Bird restaurant, we learned about last week, from a press release:

“EatWell DC announces a new restaurant and bar – “The Bird” – will be located at 1337 11th St NW, DC at the Corner of O St.

The Bird will be a poultry-centric, “Beak to Toe” restaurant, showcasing vegetables from EatWell DC’s own farm in La Plata MD, EatWell Natural Farm, and local poultry producers of all stripes. The bar will feature craft cocktails & soft drinks, regional & international beers as well as wines from eco-conscious producers worldwide.

The Bird will be a cozy Logan/Shaw neighborhood space (3100 s/f) with about 75 seats and 11 bar stools inside, on two levels and additional outdoor seating on both the street level and 2nd floor terrace. The small but dramatic restaurant will have six different spaces and each space, as well as the bathrooms, will be designed differently from the next and serve as a canvas for local artists and craftsmen.

Chef Michael Bonk, who heads up kitchen at The Pig, is the menu maker and partner. He intends to serve only ethically treated and natural products—all local and farm fresh. The menu is inspired by poultry dishes from all over the world using chicken & capon, duck, quail, turkey, squab, grouse, goose and ostrich and all of their various parts and pieces. The menu will change seasonally.

The operators will be David Winer, Josh Hahn, Antonio Oquendo, Peter Eskra and Executive Chef Michael Bonk, the principals in EatWell DC, owners of Logan Tavern, Grillfish, Commissary and The Pig.

The Bird will serve weekend Brunch as well as Dinner nightly and a special early evening Bar menu daily, both inside and out.

The Bird is expected to open in late summer 2016.”

  • Philippe Lecheval

    It will be interesting to see which dishes contain chicken beak.

    • Beer

      Even more terrifying would be the ones with chicken toes.

      • Irving Streete

        Chicken toes — the whole foot, actually — are pretty common in Asia and the sort of Asian restaurants that have a menu in Chinese that you don’t get unless you ask for it. A friend who spent time in Taiwan said that that’s what Taiwanese eat at the movies instead of popcorn.

        • pcat

          i love chicken feet!

        • Beer

          OK…the joke was that chickens don’t have toes. They have talons. Think of a chicken walking around with human feet (and toes), and how terrifying that would be.

          • Anon

            Now imagine a chicken getting her nails done.

  • anonovore

    I hope they have at least 1 red meat option………

    • Anon

      Unless you are being sarcastic, this is everything that is wrong with entitled diners in DC these days.

      • Beer

        I’m pretty sure you can bank on sarcasm, and the reference to the veggies and vegans who go to steakhouses and bbq joints and complain about the lack of quinoa.

        • anonovore

          GOLD STAR!!

  • ExWalbridgeGuy

    Sounds promising and great news for 11th street. Fingers crossed that it’s a little cheaper than the Pig though.

    • Rich

      Unlikely. But expect it to be as salty.

    • anon

      Good non-commodity food is not cheap. Get used to that idea and separate “value” from “quality”. There are plenty of venues for cheap, factory commodity food.

      • jdre

        When can I sign up for your yoga class?

      • ExWalbridgeGuy

        1) nice try but you botched whatever you’re trying to say about value and quality. Something that’s more expensive is a good value when it’s high quality. Maybe you mean separating price and value?

        2) whatever you were attempting to say, there remains a middle ground between “cheap factory commodity food” and “$25+ entrees”…

        3) I love the Pig and I eat there occasionally but I would eat there more often were it slightly cheaper.

    • AMDCer

      Chicken fingers crossed?

  • Irving Streete

    Probably should be in RR&R, but: Can we please be done with “-centric” as a suffix? Awkward, pretentious and yet somehow sub-literate (just like me!) it’s an awful and grating construction.

    • Rich

      Like “concept” and “curated”, it’s a good sign that the place will be mediocre, overpriced, but have fans (and hype) at least initially. Use the empty buzzwords in a practical way rather than fighting them.

      • jdre

        So, like The Pig, then.

      • and bespoke. Bespoke cocktails.

        • When will a new restaurant market it self as “Come to our restaurant. Our food and drinks taste good, and our prices aren’t too expensive.”

  • eggs

    Beak to toe. Beak. To. Toe.
    Please stop.

    • ***

      DC is more and more becoming a non-ironic Portlandia.

      • jdre

        It is. I find it even more hilarious, if frustrating.

    • Anon Spock

      Should be comb to toe anyway.

  • jdre

    Is it wrong of me to plan on never going because of the multiple reasons “beak to toe” annoys me?

  • ***

    So I take it chicken places are the new burgers & milkshakes for DC? I feel like literally every week there is some new chicken focused place opening.

  • Anonamom

    Who’s the owner? I’m from that area and curious as to what farm they are talking about.

    • Anon Spock

      The owners are listed in the 3rd paragraph from the bottom. The farm is referenced in the 3rd paragraph from the top. Owners listed own the farm mentioned.

  • jdre

    “The menu will change seasonally.”

    When is ostrich season?

    • Anon Spock

      Since they’re farmed….whenever you’re in the mood?

      • jdre

        Right. I guess they mean the veggie sides will be seasonal. The locally-sourced winter veggies are going to make for some interesting options (or lack thereof). But a seasonal menu for farmed poultry dishes sounded odd to me.

        • Anon Spock

          Seasonal on a menu that lacks seafood or game meats (deer, etc) always refers to the veggies. Obviously the squab isn’t seasonal.

          • jdre

            Okay, okay, it wasn’t very good humor.

  • Having watched that building develop (I lived on BOTH sides of it on 11th street, actually….and just sold my condo up the block), I’m so happy to see someone do something with it.

    • Lisa

      I don’t live near it but have been following the listing on LoopNet for years way pre-renovation. Maybe 4 or 5. When it was first listed I thought “good luck with that”. Now almost as big an about-face to an unpromising start as the Convention Center storefronts. Nicely waited out.

  • ItsPetworthIt

    I wonder if they are going to be “ethically” slaughtered by having their necks broken or slit.


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