“Nice. They are plowing for a mode of transportation that does not even have passengers.”

by Prince Of Petworth January 24, 2016 at 3:00 pm 20 Comments


A reader reports:

“Precious plowing resources being used to plow the streetcar tracks and 3rd and H, NE.

DDOT contractor has just piled up the snow from the tracks in the middle of the street and started to plow in my already passable street until I started to take pictures. When I protested that they were plowing in an already passable street, the guy said, “I have to do what I have to do.” Nice. They are plowing for a mode of transportation that does not even have passengers. Using precious plowing and taxpayer resources irresponsibly, again.”


“end result”:


  • anon

    It is very possible that the person driving the plow is not responsible for the policy or making decisions and that the ice from unplowed tracks could expand and crack the pavement. No reason to berate them doing their job during this kind of weather.

    • U Streeter

      Op said protested. No reason to think berated. Op could have been like – “can you stop please?”
      I don’t read post as Op mad at dude w plow. Could be wrong, but think it’s more of an LOL DC Gov’t type thing. That’s how I read it, anyway.

    • +1, you would think most people would know these guys don’t just go around randomly plowing whichever streets they choose just because they can.

  • Paul

    Don’t the streetcar tracks on H St share a travel lane used by vehicles?

    • greg

      they do for most of their length, but down where the picture was taken, they have a divided space for changing direction on the Hopscotch Bridge

  • Anon

    I highly doubt the guy plowing the tracks has any say in what or where he plows. I would have given the dang answer if someone was “protesting” me doing my job too.

  • andrew

    To be honest, this isn’t a bad time to get experience and figure out what is necessary to restore service after a storm like this.

    • dh


    • Reality


  • JohnH

    I’m sorry, but you stopped somebody doing their job (which you have no clue what they are actually doing or the reason for it) and berate them?
    Get a life.

    • U Streeter

      Op didn’t say berate. Could have asked not to block the street, which would have been totally fair. Or could have been an a-hole, which wouldn’t have been. No way to tell. Practice what you preach, i.e., get a life instead of insulting people on Internet message boards.

  • Anon

    To clarify. I asked them not to plow-in an already cleared and open street and not to create a huge 6 foot pile of snow at the entrance to the street. I did not stop them from doing their job. I understand people have a job to do and I was asking them to be considerate and to not make access to our street more difficult. There were 6-7 people working to clear the tracks on the bridge for most of the day. I just wonder why DDOT (which before it entered the mass transit business was responsible for roads) was devoting resources to the streetcar (which has no passengers) when emergency vehicles do not have clear paths and buses and cars are going to have a hard time getting anywhere tomorrow.

  • ctinm

    At least someone is plowing….my street hasn’t been plowed once since the storm started….dc gov is a fu#@& joke. Saw three plows trying to plow bare pavement on military Rd but can turn down my street. VA MD look great, even PG county has there act somewhat together. Great job mayor B blame the people being on the rode for the issue. Oh I forgot her neighborhood has no main arteries or through ways but it’s been plowed…. what should anyone expect we couldn’t handle a half of inch on wed…..and to plow the H street tracks is retarded who ever authorized it..

    • Reality

      take a deep breath.

  • FJ

    Alternate headline could just as easily read: “DDOT neglects to plow streetcar lines, track damage sets back street car opening n more months.” streetcar strikes again.

    • anon

      You are one that actually thinks this streetcar will ever run? I’m not.

  • James

    I’m sure the plow drivers have quite a bit of discretion in carrying out their general assignments. Are we to think so little of others that we can’t even recognize their ability to think about what they are dong?
    I’m sure most people carrying out a ‘job’ are fully able to consider the input from those who are affected by what they are doing. Especially for someone who’s plowing a large area, with many neighborhoods, in a short time – they no doubt recognize that a resident would likely be more aware of snow removal issues in their own neighborhood than the plow driver.
    It’s just not an excuse to say someone is just doing their job – no job is that simple, and no worker that detached..

    • If your contract says “Plow H Street” and you want to get paid, then you plow H Street. It doesn’t matter if some random guy who you know nothing about comes over telling you that you would be better off plowing 4th Street.

    • Anon

      If you have ever had to manage anyone, be they children or employees you will find that discretion in general assignments can and will have results that are different than what you wanted.

  • Timebomb

    The streetcar is in simulated service. It has to complete simulated service in order to open. Simulated service means treating it like it’s taking passengers, even during a storm. If no plowing were done on an area of the tracks, the simulated service would probably have to start all over in weeks when the snowpiles finally melted.
    And then you’d bitch about that.


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