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Alert!! “Fully stocked grocery store at 14th/Florida NW”

by Prince Of Petworth January 21, 2016 at 4:11 pm 19 Comments

2400 14th Street, NW (between Belmont and Chapin)

“Dear PoPville,

Given that P street Whole Foods is out of onions, garlic, and carrots and the line for Trader Joe’s is out the door, I thought I’d write and share my winter storm shopping secret: Streets Market at 2400 14th St NW (just north of 14th/Florida). Their produce is fully stocked and the pantry items are on par with Whole Foods. Pretty good deli counter/prepared food, too. Zero line at the check-out.”

  • siz

    i kind of hate this place for a reason i can’t put my finger on. i’ve been three times and every time i leave mildly disgruntled. it seems more expensive than the ‘mainstream’ grocers?
    seems like the boutique stores might be the way to go on this one, i was also in glen’s garden market this morning (shaw location) and it was empty. it’s much better for specialty items/prepared foods than it is for staples, which are pricey, but it’ll do in a pinch.

    • FridayGirl

      It is more expensive for some things but not for others. At least that’s what I’ve found. (For example, Kraft Singles are prohibitively expensive, but saran wrap is cheaper than a lot of other places if you can’t make it to Target.)

      • I couldn’t even guess what Saran wrap costs, let alone remember the prices between two stores! It’s one of those things that I know I always have, but I certainly never remember when or where I purchased it. I really couldn’t tell you if it’s $2 a box or $10.

        • DB Below

          Some folks have a budget to follow and remember the prices at different places.

          • FridayGirl

            This. If I’m really super desperate I’ll buy it wherever, but I usually have separate lists based on what’s cheaper at each store and try to go on a rotating basis. (if only trader joe’s had saran wrap they’d probably win… but…)

          • I totally understand that, I’m just talking about Saran wrap in particular, it’s some weird mystery product to me.

        • Pleasanter

          Yeah saran wrap is one of those things that’s bought so infrequently that I never know if I’m overpaying!

    • 10thSt

      Def more expensive but when everyone else is out of onions…

    • Streets Neighbor

      It is a small urban grocery — really a kind of expensive version of the soviet safeway on 17th without safeway’s backing.

      Stuff I like is they tend to have a pretty good asian selection and they are a block from my house. Stuff I hate is the produce is pretty poor, the meat selection is worse and the seafood is scary. Prices are also bad but I’m not hung up on that.

  • JK

    I was in there earlier and was shocked by how few people there were. After hearing about the rush at other stores I expected a mad house. Hidden gem I guess.

  • Paul H

    Mom’s on NY Avenue is also well stocked and not a madhouse.

  • Near Northeast

    The Safeway at Petworth restocked nicely overnight and was pretty empty when I went at lunch. It’s probably more crowded now.

  • MPinDC

    I was in the Columbia Heights Giant this afternoon and the shelves seemed well stocked. No mushrooms, kale or cabbage but they did have onions :) Lots of people in the store but lines were only a few carts deep (didn’t extend into aisles)

    Stopped at Bestworld and found mushrooms, kale, cabbage — and no lines!

    • Are DC kids chunking onions now in lieu of snowballs? I don’t recall shortages in previous pre-storms.

      • INDC

        i was wondering the same thing, why onions? Or really the larger question, why do people panic and flood the grocery stores before these storms? I’ve never heard of a report of someone starving to death.

  • Joe

    The good market in Logan at 11th and N is still pretty full, too. And super cheap

  • Steeter

    Don’t give away the Streets secret! Love this place. It’s expensive, and I usually just use it for picking up a couple of things in-between regular grocery store trips. Good deli/prepared food/sushi, too! It’s a pleasant low-stress alternative to many grocery stores in DC.

  • sam

    Also recommend the Panamericana on 14th below Spring. No line last night!

  • anon

    i have two bags of onions from trader joes that I bought this weekend before the storm news hit the fan. I use a lot of onions. Anyone who needs one can come to my house.


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