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Today’s Rental is a “Bright, Modern 2 Br Capitol Hill Home”

by Prince Of Petworth December 1, 2015 at 2:50 pm 18 Comments


This rental is located “just off Pennsylvania Avenue in Hill East.” The listing says:

“1 block from metro, two blocks from Harris Teeter. Walk to Eastern Market. Semi-detached rowhouse with modern open concept renovation gets lots of light due to new windows and southern exposure. Nice deck in rear. Heated tile floor, laundry in unit. Quiet one way street just off Pennsylvania Avenue in Hill East. Flexible lease terms but no pets. Non-smoking house.”

You can see more photos here.

This 2 bed/1 bath is going for $2,300/Mo.

  • eggs

    That is a really interesting use of space to put the staircase over the counter like that. Missed opportunity by not hanging shelves or cabinets on the kitchen side of the wall it creates, though.

    • Yeah, they could really maximize that staircase. Though I wonder how easy it is to move furniture up and down those stairs. Makes me think this was one of those narrow old rowhomes that previously had a spiral staircase that was swapped out for this. I do think it’s a good deal.

  • Shaw

    If they accepted dogs, I’d be all over it. But no pets = no thanks!

  • TX2DC

    Seem like a great deal to me – is there something wrong with the place?

    • TX2DC

      *Seems (ugh)

    • MRD

      No address – I’m betting that’s what’s wrong with it.

      • MRD

        No address on the listing, that is

        • GBinCH

          Based on the details in the listing – quite one way street, just off Pennsylvania Ave and a block from the metro – I wonder if it’s on Ives Pl? That would put it a block away from Potomac Ave metro.

          • Anonymous

            1442 Ives Pl SE

          • Anonymous

            Actually 1440. And if it is 1440 note that the house is currently tied up in litigation regarding TOPA so renter beware.

          • NWNWNW

            ^^^ where did you find that info?

          • GBinCH

            From the photos, the place looks vacant (I know the photos could be old). Would TOPA be in effect if the tenants don’t live there? Additionally, if the landlord is trying to sell the house, why would they be listing it for rent?

          • Anonymous

            There was a notice of pending litigation recorded against the property at the recorder of deeds.


  • GBinCH

    I think this place looks quite charming! At that price, this will go quickly.

  • jdegg

    It feels like it’s an apartment in a mental institution.

  • kittycatbob

    The kitchen sink is in a weird place. Looks like someone tall would hit their head every time they had to wash their hands.

  • Harry

    This would be a “no” for me. Lousy counter space in the kitchen – no good place to work and very little storage space. Maybe it’s the wide-angle lens but it looks like there could have been more storage. Further, did you notice how narrow the bathroom is? All of this makes me think the developer tried to jam too much into the place – maybe it should be a 1 BR/1BA. I’ve lived in a very narrow house before, it’s surprisingly annoying.

    • kate

      And the one bathroom isn’t even a full bathroom.


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