Lost Calico Cat in Columbia Heights

by Prince Of Petworth December 21, 2015 at 4:45 pm 16 Comments


A reader writes:

“I am helping my older dad find his lost calico cat, Kitty. He hasn’t seen her since Thursday, December 17th on the 1300 block of Perry Place NW between 14th St. and Holmead Place in Columbia Heights. She is an indoor cat and she might have gotten out when he went to bring the mail inside. Kitty is an 11-year-old spayed female black, orange and white calico with long fur, white paws and a black nose.

Anyone can email me with information at [email protected], or text or call me at 202-744-2367. I don’t live in the area anymore (sadly) and I’m just helping my dad find the cat, but I will be able to manage any responses and send my brother to pick up the cat if anyone finds her.”

  • textdoc

    Awww, I hope Kitty is found soon!
    If she’s an indoor-only cat, she is probably scared and hiding somewhere nearby — under a porch, in nearby shrubbery, that kind of thing.
    Some tips on finding a lost cat:

  • R Boam

    there were 2 postings today on the Cleveland Park website. see if you can get on…about a lost calico cat, no mention of elegant long hair, though. I can’t get to the original postings. best of luck!

  • Elle

    Oh no! I definitely recommend putting up signs and canvassing your neighbors too, especially if Kitty doesn’t wear a collar.
    My boyfriend’s cat pulled a runner last year on New Year’s Eve, and it turned out a neighbor had taken her in after she heard the cat meowing at her basement window.

  • Merbear820

    Thanks to all – signs are up around the neighborhood. I will check the Cleveland Park lead!

  • Kim

    Is the cat micro chipped?

  • Erin

    You probably already have, but make sure to get in touch with Washington Humane Society to let them know.

  • Merbear820

    Not microchipped, no collar, unfortunately. I have been calling the Humane Society daily just in case! I got a potential lead that the cat was seen at intersection of Spring Rd and Spring Pl, which is very close so it makes me think it was her. I’m hoping she’s still around the neighborhood.

    • AG

      Oh no, sending good thoughts to you, your dad, and Kitty! She looks absolutely precious. I hope you find her soon.

  • lizcolleena

    Adorable Kitty! I live nearby and will keep my eyes out for her. Best of luck!

    • Merbear820

      Thank you!

  • neighbor

    She looks shockingly similar to one of my cats. She looks sweeter than mine though.

  • CP

    Any update? Hoping for good news!

    • Merbear820

      Nothing yet besides a possible sighting a couple days ago. The food that my brother is putting on the porch is getting eaten, but it could be other neighborhood cats. He put her litter out too. He is going to hand out flyers to neighbors tomorrow to ask them to look under their porches. Thanks for the support!

  • Merbear820

    FOUND! A neighbor down the street called me and Kitty was sitting on her front porch. She was reunited with my dad tonight 10 days after disappearing! He is so happy to have his cat back! Thank you to all.

    • textdoc

      Excellent news! Thanks for the update!


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