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I’ve been included on a series of emails about a home in the 300 block of Gallatin Street, NW. It is painful but eye opening to read – all involved genuinely seem to want to help – but can’t. Following is just a sampling from this morning:

From a resident:

“Morning Everyone,

Just doing my monthly check to see if we are anywhere on 3xx [Gallatin St, NW]? there are still a dozen or so people in the home, it is still falling apart. there are still people living in the garage and urinating and defecating in the alley and backyards.”

Response from MPD:

“Good morning,

To be completely honest, the location has been off my radar due to the lack of 911 calls which is a good thing.

Most of my attention lately has been redirected to Delafield and Emerson due to the multiple sounds of gunshots calls.

I realize that an excuse only benefits the person making it, however, i hope you will appreciate my frankness and allow me an opportunity to re-establish your confidence in me.

Sgt Mason – research this address and let me know what we have done in terms of search warrants. I’m not at my desk but I do believe we have executed a search warrant at this location.
Sgt Schaut – Ensure that evening crime patrol units are active in the 300 b/o Gallatin with an emphasis on 3xx.
Sgt Robinson – same on day – work
Sgt Herringa – same on Midnights.

Lieutenant Anthony Washington
Manger PSA 407
Fourth District”

Resident response:

“of course. thank you for getting back to me
to be honest. after 10 years of dealing with 3xx, i have just stopped bothering to call.”

From the Office of the Attorney General:

“To All,

This property is still on my radar, but I am still waiting for a personal representative of the estate to be assigned. Until an owner/personal representative is assigned I have no one to sue. I have recently touched base with the firm who is handling the estate (I touch base with them every 4 to 6 weeks) and am waiting for them to confirm that they have located the personal representative. As soon as they give me a name I can file a case.


Michael Aniton
Assistant Attorney General”

From MPD:

“I understand your frustration. We are going to have to sit down together and come up with a strategy that will get your neighbors involved so that you won’t be alone in your efforts to increase the quality of life on your block.

I have Derek Staten working on our next PSA meeting for December 17th. Maybe we can have your neighbors come a half hour early so we can focus solely on a plan to address 3xx Gallatin. The PSA meeting at Shepherd St begins at 7pm. Maybe I can meet with Gallatin St at 6:30 pm.

How does that sound?”

Resident response:

“because the most egregious issues only affect my property and the neighbors on the other side of 3xx, who do not speak to anyone on the block, i doubt anything would come from getting the neighbors involved.

there have been several meetings about this, from when fenty was mayor up until this summer. i understand the limitations everyone in the city must work within, so all of us talking again about how horrible the property is and all the violations in it will not accomplish anything.

so basically, until there is someone to sue, which ideally there should be a decade into this, there is nothing to do but for me to remain indoors and continue spending several thousand dollar a month to deal with problems”

Another resident response:

“We have tried that several times – there have been months long periods without water when they were throwing bags of feces outside and months when the house was powered by a gas generator on the front porch roof. Nothing ever came of it”


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