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Update on “Peeping Tom on the Hill” He Came Back But Was Arrested this Time

by Prince Of Petworth November 10, 2015 at 1:10 pm 3 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

“Dear PoPville,

Just wanted to give a quick update on the peeping tom incident from last month. I saw the guy again last night and immediately called the cops. They came by, took a report, and within 30 minutes came by again to tell me they caught him.

So props to the cops and quick reminder that even if it feels silly to call something like this is in, in a city where there are drugs and homicides happening with such frequency, please still do. You don’t know what people’s intentions are and it lets cops know where they may need to increase their patrol.”

  • GBinCH

    Props to the cops! I totally agree that this sort of thing should be called in and I don’t think it’s silly. You never know someone’s intentions and they may be casing a house for robbery (or worse). Even if they’re not, people should have a recent expectation of privacy in their homes, regardless of whether they live in a city or the middle of nowhere.

    • jonah

      Agreed on calling it in. MPD from Chief Lanier down regularly say at public meetings they want residents calling 911 for anything police related, both emergencies and non-emergencies.

    • JoDa

      In a time before modern history (when I was in college), in a land far, far away (Pittsburgh), I awoke one night to the sound of someone crunching through the snow outside my bedroom window. At first I thought it was the upstairs neighbor coming home (their entrance was in the rear of the building), but when the crunching stopped and I failed to hear their door slam shut, I rolled over and looked at the window. Silhouetted in the street light was a man peering through the tiny crack at the bottom of my blinds that I left to get some morning sunlight. He probably couldn’t see in (it was dark inside and there was a streetlight outside, so he probably couldn’t see anything but his own reflection), and we had bars on the windows, but I jumped up, screamed (scaring the hell out of my roommate…and scaring him off) and called the police.
      The police kind of brushed me off (said he was probably a drunk college student who was just peeing on the side of our building (in fairness, there were several bars nearby and that happened from time-to-time), though there was no urine around), but took me VERY seriously when he came back 3 days later and they found, um, other excretions outside the window. A couple weeks later, they caught the guy peeping in another neighbor’s window. Apparently, by that point, they had about a dozen “peeping tom” complaints in the neighborhood, with some “evidence” that was similar at most scenes.
      Never hesitate to call when someone is doing something like that. Whether they’re casing homes or just being a creeper, both are illegal and highly unsettling. Even after they caught him, it took several weeks for my roommate and I to feel safe again, and we never left the blinds cracked even a little after that, even though our apartment was a dungeon without the blinds open a smidge (we had the old-school roll-down kind that didn’t let any light in).


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