“They are fighting to recover at the hospital but the family is needing help to seek answers and find the person responsible”

by Prince Of Petworth November 23, 2015 at 11:10 am 28 Comments

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“Dear PoPville,

Seeking help from community for ideas / resources. Friend was hit by a construction truck on the crosswalk crossing Eckington Pl NE next to Florida Ave around 1:30 / 2 am 11/21/15. Friend was dragged and had leg and pelvis crushed. They are fighting to recover at the hospital but the family is needing help to seek answers and find the person responsible. All we know it was a construction truck turning right onto Florida Ave NE headed westbound from Eckington Pl NE (truck didn’t look right as pedestrian light was on and friend started to cross). The truck had a part of the load hold area that’s red. MPD took a police report but how could someone have the lack of humanity to hit someone and run?!

Did look around and didn’t necessarily find traffic cameras pointed towards the intersection. Any ideas/help to give family answers appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

  • anon

    The SiriusXM building has cameras all over the place. Maybe they would help.

    • K

      I was just going to suggest the same. Maybe you will be able to find a truck meeting that description a few minutes after the hit and run.

      Also, I hope your friend recovers fully. That sounds terrible.

  • Marty

    if MPD wanted to find this truck, they’d review other footage from the area from the hour before to the hour after the incident.

    they really should be doing this for what sounds like a near-fatality.

  • albany

    OP, first of all please pass along my best wishes. Second, I had a question: was the whole load hold area red, or just a part of it? If the whole thing was red, I would start with Fort Meyer Construction. They have a facility on 5th St. NE that would require you to turn right on to Eckington St. if coming from the South / South East.

    • tlgDC

      +1 for Fort Myer construction. I’ve seen their drivers make horrible driving decisions in this intersection on multiple occasions. It wouldn’t surprise me if one of their trucks was the culprit.

      • EckingtonDoodle

        I live in Eckington and if the truck was a red construction truck its definitely a Fort Myers company truck. They’re pretty bad about driving in that area I second tlgDC

  • Thee O.P. Anon

    XM/Sirius, the FedEx shipping center, Wendys, and the gas station on Florida Ave (just to the west of Wendys) should all have cameras that can be reviewed. If anything, intersection of Florida Ave and North Capitol will have cameras that caught the license plate of the truck. It’s absolutely absurd that the MPD can’t find footage of the vehicle.
    I’d guess that this might be a truck performing deliveries or services at the FedEx ship center. Lots of trucks going/in out of the facility 24/7.

  • anon

    Persons responsible (besides the truck driver): 1. DDOT for designing the worst intersection I have ever seen; 2. MPD for failing to enforce any traffic laws around Dave Thomas Circle.
    That intersection is a shit show, with vehicles constantly running red lights and making illegal turns. When I raised it a couple years ago with MPD and asked why they don’t do any enforcement, the officer said it would back up traffic too much if they started pulling people over. Great.

    • anon2

      ^ Agreed. This is one of the worst intersections in the city.

      • figby

        Every crosswalk in every direction around this Wendy’s is an utter shitshow.

    • Truxtoner

      It is especially confusing for pedestrians. I walk that way to get to the metro and none of the walk signals make any sense. At the moment, they actually have the sidewalk closed by the Peoples Building, without any real alternative to get across that ridiculous island.

      That said, this sounds like it has almost nothing to do with the traffic pattern but that the truck driver simply turned right without looking for pedestrians. I thought that wasn’t even legal at that light anyway, but either way, seems to have nothing to do with the general absurdity of that entire area’s traffic pattern.

  • Rl124

    I’m really sorry this happened to your friend.

    Check Wendy’s or Fedex as well. I think the intersection of NY ave/1st st may have cameras if they went into the traffic circle. Check soon as many of these places may lose the recorded loop after so many days.

  • Reality

    I cross this intersection on foot twice each day and agree it is very dangerous for pedestrians and bikers. Vehicles fly through the intersection, coming down both New York and Florida Ave – and people turn off Eckington Pl quickly to beat the traffic. There should be no turn on red enforced with entire intersection. Also – I agree with seeking video footage from XM, Wendy’s, and DDOT. The intersection is covered in cameras.

  • anonymous

    Just wondering if they have proof that the driver “knew” that they hit/ran over someone? Especially driving a work truck- could’ve taken it as just another bump, or curb check and didn’t really know they hit someone. Regardless I wish your friend a speedy and healthy recovery. As someone who suffered a leg injury last year- I’ll keep them in prayer.

    • 3800 14th NW

      “Just wondering if they have proof that the driver “knew” that they hit/ran over someone?”

      Who cares? If you’re so oblivious that you’re unable to drive a truck without knowing whether or not you hit someone, you deserve to have your licensed revoked permanently.

      • Truxtoner

        The law cares, as there are additional crimes committed if the driver knew and fled the scene.

    • reality

      Doesn’t matter – trucks need to be held accountable, too.

      • anon

        It matters from a legal, and moral, perspective. There’s a big difference between hitting someone and knowing it, and leaving the scene, and hitting someone and having no idea you did it. If you’re driving a 20,000 pound truck, I suspect you might not feel the impact of hitting a person. That’s not to excuse it – obviously the driver needs to be aware of pedestrians and not hit them. The driver might be an asshole who knows he hit someone and doesn’t care, but he might also be some guy who made a mistake and would be absolutely devastated if he knew he hit and critically injured a person.

    • The OP Anon

      Even if the driver did not knowingly hit the pedestrian, the company is still on the hook for liability of medical bills, pain and suffering, and work absences. This is a ton of money for the victim.

  • kck

    SPEED CAMERA in front of the national park service facility on New York Ave should have rolling video of the trucks coming up the hill. I’ll be interested to see how difficult it is to get that film.

    • albany

      There’s also a DDOT traffic camera right there – it faces forward to NY Ave, but has a nice side view of Florida Ave NE just before Eckington Place.


      Try getting the footage from the time and day from them with FOIA ?

      Best wishes to your friend,

      • OPtothisPost

        Sadly truck was coming off Eckington Pl NE, turning right on Florida Ave NE towards North Capitol St NE. Was not from NY Ave to Florida Ave nor Florida Ave to Eckington Pl NE.

        Also, as far as I’m aware of, DDOT doesn’t save the footage due to storage issues (only New Mexico DOT started in response to highway shootings this summer). Anyone else been more successful acquiring camera footage with DDOT (so hopefully I’m wrong)?

  • Andy

    Most minor peeve about this sad post: because this person used “they” instead of he or she, I had to go back and re-read to see if I misunderstood that only one person was hit.

    • OPtothisPost

      As the OP, out of respect to friend’s family, did not want them to be easily identifiable. Sorry you are annoyed.

  • SWChick

    So sorry to hear about your friend. I cross that intersection at least 5 times daily. There are several trucks that drive back and forth at high speeds. Please check with FedEx for their cameras. I pray your friend gets better.

  • OPtothisPost

    Just following up. So for anyone in the future in this unfortunate situation, make sure your police report is being handled by MPD’s Major Crash Unit as soon as possible/feasible (get help first of course). Makes retrieving any camera footage near the scene of the crash much easier to retrieve if they are the lead unit in the investigation.

    • ZetteZelle

      Thanks very much for passing that tip on. (I hope I never have to use it, but…)

  • John Kinsella

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