• Shaw

    For such a high end store, why why do they have strip flourescent lighting like in a discount store??

  • Kingman Park
  • GBinCH

    Frank and Oak also opened this weekend. Lots of good things coming into this area.

  • KenyonDweller

    Holy crap, next time I’m in the market for $400 sneakers and a $200 hoodie, I’ll know where to go.

    • GBinCH

      The trick is to wait until there’s a sale on Gilt or Haute Look. A couple of times a year, I’ve been able to pick up some good shirts for about $60-$70 each. Definitely worth the money.

      • fka Shawess

        +1 to this. Steven Alan itself also has some pretty fantastic sales. I’ve gotten $400 shoes there for less than $100 and they’re MUCH nicer than what I could get for $100 at, say DSW. I rarely buy anything at Steven Alan, but love to stalk their sample sales and their sale racks.

    • Anon 2: Electric Boogaloo

      Everything about The Shay- from the Marie Antoinette-like figure on their advertising to the ludicrously overpriced brick and mortar stores that have gone in on the ground floor- gives me a serious Gilded Age vibe, and I get creeped out every time I walk by it. Doesn’t look like people have been chomping at those $2200+ studios, either.

      • rob

        agreed. out of my place or maybe just too soon, but with the $ that’s in the area, im sure these spots will do just fine.

      • Anon

        I’m sorry, but the correct answer is “What is a $2,500 studio?”

      • JED1969

        The Shay’s advertising is so garish it makes me cringe.

  • jcm

    Strap Back Ball Cap
    ID: 840390157867
    From our clean and modern collection for Fall 2015, inspired by handmade ceramics, abstract art objects and the comfort of humble home furnishings. Our newest cap with a classic shape and strap back. Offered in piece-dyed, washed Japanese twill, Italian suiting, refined Italian wool flannel and brushed cotton moleskin.

  • 7thStTechGuy

    Hi there! live around the block. Best addition to this area has been the new Compass Coffee, other than that- Glens is about it. The rest of them are overpriced, useless stores selling $128 Cashmere T’s.

    • Eleven

      Uh, have you felt those cashmere Ts?

      • Anon

        Ugh, I know, rite? It’s like, have they even compared this to the H&M or Target cashmere Ts? It’s called “hand” and there’s no way they compare in quality. Sometimes it’s worth paying just a little more for that extra touch.

        • anon

          “Just a little bit more”?

      • 7thStTechGuy

        So tempted…not gonna lie.

    • revitalizer

      Frank and Oak isn’t expensive. Check the prices.

      • GBinCH

        +1. For the quality, I think they’re one of the best value stores around.


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